Tiny houses only fit so much stuff because of the limited living space, which is why it’s important to only take the essentials when downsizing. Having less stuff inside the tiny house doesn’t mean you’re missing out on a lot of things – by setting the priorities straight, you’ll enjoy life inside a tiny home with much less clutter.

So what are the must-have items for people who live in tiny houses? Some of the most important things to keep when downsizing are storage ottoman, gas heater, portable projector, bedside caddy, Murphy bed, collapsible table, workstation sink, all-in-one pressure cooker, water pump, and composting toilet.

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Essential Items for Your Tiny House

More than simply choosing a portable item to take into the tiny house, it’s also important to choose multifunctional items. Instead of taking three different appliances, find a multi-purpose gadget that handles the job well. This allows fewer items in the house and reduces the carbon footprint.

Here are some of the must-have items to include in every room of the tiny house:

For the Living Room

  1. Storage Ottoman

A regular ottoman may sound like additional clutter to the limited space of a tiny home’s living room, but this furniture piece offers a myriad of functions – comforting the feet, adding aesthetic value to a room, and providing extra storage space.

Storage ottomans like the WoneNice Folding Storage Ottoman is a great spot for hiding magazines, shoes, and toys for pets or children. The top is also made of a soft and comfortable memory sofa sponge.

  1. Propane Heater

Since most tiny houses are not hooked up to power grids, it’s hard to heat the area like a regular house. There are many heating options in the market, such as electric heaters, solar power, wood stoves, and more. But the best pick is a propane heater because they require less energy.

When choosing propane heaters, it’s best to go for vented ones. Propane heaters accumulate byproducts like toxic fumes which is why they should include ventilation systems to keep the tiny house livable. Rinnai EX08CP Wall Mounted Furnace Propane is a great option that comes with automatic features for the family.

  1. Portable Projectors

Projectors are bulky gadgets that seem like a luxury inside a tiny house. However, many companies are starting to introduce portable projectors that are perfect for places with limited space or outdoor use. These nifty devices turn the plain walls of the house into a tiny cinema.

The perfect portable projector for a tiny house doesn’t require a cable because they only add to the clutter. It should also be small enough to be stored away on the shelf easily. A smart portable projector like Anker Nebula Capsule II is the perfect pick for tiny homes because it’s an all-around device with built-in speakers.

For the Bedroom

  1. Bedside Caddy

It’s essential to keep personal belongings close to the bed because you’ll need them before going to sleep or when waking up. Since tiny homes don’t have enough space for nightstands, a bedside caddy would be a great alternative to store gadgets and books.

This Felt Bed Storage Caddy from SIMBOOM holds all your personal belongings in one place. It also includes a tissue box and water bottle holder in addition to other pockets that store anything from earphones to books and electronic gadgets.

  1. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are an excellent choice for tiny house owners who are not fond of climbing the stairs every night. They provide additional space in the tiny home – just fold the bed back to the wall every morning when after waking up.

Traditional Murphy beds are simply hidden in cabinets or walls when unused. On the other hand, multifunctional Murphy beds provide more storage for clothes, books, or decorations. Some Murphy beds also serve as desks or couches when put away, as this Full Wall Bed with Desk from Bestar Store.

For the Kitchen

  1. Collapsible Table

Dining tables occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, which is why it’s better to buy something that’s specially created for small spaces – a folding table. These tables are easily stored away in a corner of the room when not in use. However, most folding tables are created with plastic or aluminum that ruins the tiny house’s interior design.

But with this Julian Bowen Savoy Compact Dining Set, there’s no need to worry about the table looking out of place while space-saving. It features an unfading design that comes in white or natural wood color. The set also includes four foldable chairs that fit inside the table.

  1. Workstation Sink

Most tiny houses choose a small 15” x 15” single bowl sink because it frees up the much-needed space in the kitchen. Workstations provide the same perks and more – this kind of sink turns into a cutting board, drying rack, colander, and other things needed when preparing a meal or cleaning up.

If you’re looking for the best workstation sink for the tiny home kitchen, Ruvati RVH8304 is an excellent pick. This prep sink also comes with SoundGuard undercoating and NoiseDefend padding to minimize the noise when in use.

  1. All-in-One Pressure Cooker

Another must-have in a tiny house kitchen is a pressure cooker. You don’t need to be an expert cook when using this nifty device because it creates different meals with just a few buttons – including rice, soup, yogurt, and more.

MOOSOO’s All-in-One Pressure Cooker is an excellent kitchen gadget that eliminates the need for other appliances. This pressure cooker also functions as an air fryer that uses less oil while maintaining the taste of the food you love.

For the Bathroom

  1. Water Pump

Another challenge for off-grid tiny homes is looking for a water source. Water pumps deliver usable water straight to a tiny home’s faucet, saving you the trouble of filling up buckets of water from the nearby lake or well.

When looking for the right water pump for the tiny house, remember to look at the flow rate, voltage, and automated pump cycle. These factors ensure that the pump works fine for a long time. Camplux JK-2202 12-Volt Water Pump is a great option for a tiny house because it keeps the water running around the home without producing much noise.

  1. Composting Toilet

Compost toilets allow heat, bacteria, and other microbes to break down human wastes into compost. There are two types of compost toilets available in the market – central and self-contained. Central composting toilets feel like traditional toilets, but self-contained ones are the preferred option for tiny houses.

For the best self-contained composting toilet to add to a tiny house, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is an excellent pick. This efficient and environmentally friendly composting toilet fits into narrow spaces and doesn’t require water.

Make Your Tiny House Experience Enjoyable with the Right Items

Moving into a tiny house doesn’t mean sacrificing all the things you enjoy – tiny house dwellers live large in a small home because they keep the right objects and make room for other more important things. 

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