It’s no surprise that the tiny house movement grows year after year. And with so much popularity comes more options, with manufacturers now selling ready-to-assemble kits that include everything you need to put a tiny house together on your own. Tiny house kits include everything except an electric system; all the wood, hardware, framing materials, roofing materials, siding, insulation, and instructions for a DIY tiny house build. 

A tiny house kit is perfect for people who dream about owning a tiny home but don’t have the budget, skill, or time to build one. Because the kit contains all the instructions and building materials necessary, even a complete amateur can finish building a tiny house in a few days. Tiny house kits can also be incredibly affordable compared to prefabricated tiny homes. 

Here are Tiny House Bloom’s top 4 tiny house kits under $5000:

  1. Allwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin Kit 
  2. Mod Shed 8’x8’ Backyard Studio Kit  
  3. Whole Wood Cabins Concord 76
  4. Jamaica Cottage Shop Florida Room 

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Top 4 Tiny House Kits That Won’t Break Your Bank 

Allwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin Kit 

ProductAllwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin Kit 
Floor Area113 sq. ft. 
Material Nordic spruce 
Building Time 2 - 3 days with two adults 

Who Should Buy It: Families who want a cozy cabin that can accommodate adjustments 

The Allwood brand is well-known for their high-quality tiny house kits and their Lillevilla Escape model is no exception. Even if it is one of their most affordable offerings, this cabin kit includes thick, durable, and dense grain Nordic spruce wood for the hardware, doors, and windows. The exposed wood and peaked roof design of the Lillevilla Escape makes for a perfectly cozy living space.

With straightforward, step-by-step instructions, you won’t have any problems building the structure and setting everything up. You only need basic tools such as a hammer, rubber mallet, screwdriver, pliers, and a ladder. The best part about the Lillevilla Escape is that you can still add or modify features, like extra log planks which allow you to build a loft. You can even buy a separate 17 sq. ft. interior room kit for a bathroom. This flexible, versatile model is sure to impress your friends and guests. 

Mod Shed 8’x8’ Backyard Studio Kit  

ProductMod Shed 8’x8’ Backyard Studio Kit  
Floor Area70 sq. ft. 
Material Wood, aluminum, glass 
Building Time 3 - 5 hours with two adults 

Who Should Buy It: People who are looking for a stylish, modern-looking tiny house kit. 

Mod-Shed offers studio kits that boast smart engineering; their tiny houses use integrating locks which can be assembled with allen keys in a little as a day. The structure is secure and sturdy enough to withstand the elements. The highlight of Mod-Shed’s 8’ x 8’ studio model is its simple but sleek and ultramodern design. It’s an ideal kit if you want a space that maximizes light and floor space. 

While Mod-Shed didn’t specify what type of wood beams are used for their structures, these kits come with glass doors and an aluminum roof system for a modern, weather-resistant look. For the exterior walls, you can order your studio kit painted in custom colors. The interior walls come ready for insulation and wiring so electricity and plumbing can be added on easily. Since the Mod-Shed backyard studio kit can be installed on various foundations with basic hand and power tools, you can easily turn it into a tiny home. 

Whole Wood Cabins Concord 76

ProductWhole Wood Cabins Concord 76
Floor Area76 sq. ft.
Material Nordic wood
Building Time 3 - 5 days with two adults

Who Should Buy It: Eco-conscious folk who want a bright, eco-conscious tiny home to live in. 

The Whole Wood brand describes their tiny home models as homes that “fit together like Lincoln Logs”, meaning they’re easy to assemble in a relatively short time. The high-quality Nordic wood used in this Concord 76 build allows it to be eco-friendly as these were grown and packaged sustainably. The natural-colored wood is pretty and bright, making it attractive to many future tiny homeowners. 

Each purchase of Whole Wood Cabins’ Concord 76 comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual, along with all the boards for the tiny house’s frame and the gridded windows, double doors, nuts, bolts, screws, and locks. With its open floor plan, you can organize the interiors in this cabin to fit all of your belongings comfortably. 

Jamaica Cottage Shop Florida Room 

ProductJamaica Cottage Shop Florida Room 
Floor Area80 sq. ft. 
Material Hemlock, spruce, and pine
Building Time 2 days with two adults

Who Should Buy It: Families who want a durable tiny-house they can live in year-round 

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a renowned brand for low-cost tiny house kits so even with its inexpensive price, their Florida Room model offers everything you could want for a tiny home. Its roomy, underrated design can withstand gusts of wind and loads of snow during the cold seasons while insulated windows and screens keep your home breezy but mosquito-free during warmer months. This model works best on a crushed gravel foundation. 

The Florida Room offers unique style choices with its gable-style roof and nine full windows. This allows you extra high ceilings for added storage space and a great view of your surroundings that lets a lot of natural light inside. 

You can fit more stuff than you’d expect in its interiors, like a heater appliance to keep your bedroom nice and toasty for the winter. It’s a solid choice for future tiny house dwellers who want something that can withstand whatever each season brings. 

Buying Guide for a Tiny House Kit 

Shopping for a tiny house kit is more than looking at the design and building materials used, although both factors are definitely important. Here are a few other considerations to keep in mind before buying a tiny home kit: 

Assembly Time 

On average, tiny house kits with floor space smaller than 100 sq. ft. takes around 30 - 50 hours to assemble. Most kits require at least 2 adults to put it together, but more complicated builds can take a team of 3-4 to complete. Knowing how much time and work your tiny house build requires will allow you to plan for an efficient construction. 

Square Footage 

Less than 100 sq. ft. of space can be a very tight squeeze so be sure to look for a tiny house kit that offers the right amount of square footage you need. You should take the size of your family and your lifestyle patterns into consideration, as you will have to downsize most of your belongings and compromise on privacy.

Local Building Codes

As laws vary per state on acceptable dwelling structures, you need to check if your tiny house kit complies to the standards prescribed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Refer to the building codes in your area to see if your tiny home kit can stand up to natural disasters. 

Build Your Own Tiny House From a Kit

Tiny homes are amazing because your building options are essentially limitless. Whether you build one from scratch, buy a prefabricated one from a professional manufacturer, or assemble one from a DIY-kit, there is sure to be a tiny house out there that perfectly suits your needs and your budget. 

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