Space is a premium when it comes to tiny house living, and the couch might be the biggest piece of furniture that you include in your home. But giving up all that space just for seating can feel wasteful, which is why a lot of tiny homes are fitted with couches that offer storage compartments.

To help you figure out the best couch for your tiny home, we’ve compiled 20 awesome examples of couches and accessories with extra storage space. Get the best of both worlds – a comfortable couch for lounging around, and storage compartments to keep your home nice and neat.

1) Kayden 84” Reversible Sleeper Sectional


Classy without costing a fortune, the Kayden 84” Reversible Sleeper Sectional offers wonderful seating as well as wide storage room across the length of its seats. 

With the right tweaking in your tiny house, this would be a great home furniture addition to your home, with a base made of solid wood and a sportsy upholstery up top. Tons of storage is available underneath every seat, with an easy lift mechanism to unveil the hidden space.

2) Imogen Modular Sectional


For tiny house homeowners with bigger tiny homes, the Imogen Modular Sectional might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

With 6 individual cushions and seats making up this sectional, this furniture piece also offers hidden storage compartments beneath each seat, which is the best place to store blankets, pillows, board games, clothes, and more. This also comes with fastener cushions, and assembly is super easy for this couch.

3) Hughes Sofa with Storage


If you are looking for the more traditional house couch experience that can easily slide into most tiny houses, the Hughes Sofa with Storage is a great fit. 

For any extra storage you might need for items that are better off out of sight when not in use, the Hughes Sofa seat lifts up, revealing room just big enough for blankets, pillows, and more. This is the ideal piece of furniture for any tiny house.

4) Nuovoliola 10


If you are still in the planning stages of your tiny house and you don’t mind going all-out with your design, then you might want to try something similar to the Nuovolioa 10. 

This sofa is the bottom half of a queen bed, which folds up into the wall when not in use, leaving behind the sofa as well as shelves for extra room. It might take a bit more work than your normal couch, but if done properly it can be a centerpiece of your home for years to come.

5) Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman


Have tons of room in your slightly-bigger tiny house? Consider something like the Cordell Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman. This sleeper sectional offers you the luxury of a contemporary sofa for day-time lounging, as well as the size to easily convert into an extra guest bed in the home. 

Every seat, as well as the ottoman, offers space underneath, so converting your living room to an extra bed is as simple as pulling everything out of this house couch. Host as many guests as you want, even while living tiny!

6) Briar Sectional with Storage


The retro design of the Briar Sectional with Storage is a great alternative to the more modern versions featured earlier in this list, although it does come at a heftier price. 

Round bolster pillows at the side and a poofy seating with cushions that feel overstuffed make this an incredibly comfy house couch. And with the extra space underneath the seats, it’s a great pick for tiny homes looking for more versatility.

7) Three-Seat Sofa Bed with Drawer


Now we start to move into different types of storage spaces in couches. Check out this three-seat sofa with drawer made in Japan – a simple, light, and narrow couch made for tight spaces, with wide drawers underneath for extra space. 

Instead of getting off the house couch and lifting the seat to access your compartments, you can simply pull out the drawers built into the foundation of the couch. Convenience and comfort tied into one.

8) Clio with Storage


Want something like the sofa above, but looking for a couch that takes up less space for your home? The Clio with Storage is a compact sofa bed with a built-in drawer for extra space at its base. 

The cover is fully removable on this piece of furniture, meaning you can change it if you aren’t happy with the color or design and have it dry cleaned to keep it nice and clean. The seating is nice and snug for two people to snuggle up together, and the compartments tuck neatly away underneath.

9) Ribaldo Sofa


Though the Ribaldo Sofa itself is probably too costly and big for even the biggest tiny houses out there, its absolutely unique design is a great source of inspiration for anyone hoping to building something “new” with their couch. 

Book shelves are built along the side and the back of this couch, giving you the perfect space for books and other small sentimental items for display.

10) Vallentuna


For those looking for a minimalist option with great storage space, the Vallentuna sectional 3-seater is the perfect choice. It has one open end and one tucked end, meaning it gives you a kind of versatility that most couches simply don’t have. 

Sleek, simple, and elegant, you would also be surprised at just how deep the space is underneath; you can store a lot more than just tiny blankets and pillows.

11) Books Storage Under Minimalist Sofa


Looking for an innovative design that will truly catch the eye of all your guests while still providing that space you need? Try this minimalist sofa design that offers shelf space underneath. 

Slightly similar to the Ribaldo Sofa above, this design allows you to sit above your stored books and other items while you lounge around in comfort.

12) Rolling Couch Bed Storage Unit


The rolling couch bed with storage unit might be the most innovative couch and storage design on this list. This couch is great seating for two to three people, and can be converted into an extra bed with just a blanket or two for that additional sleeping area your home craves.

Underneath it has shelves and drawers for a home for small items, and if necessary, the wheels at the bottom allow you to pull it around, giving you that extra flexibility that never goes wrong in a tiny house.

13) Cubbyholes Under Sofa


You don’t always need to build drawers or shelves underneath your seats. In this example, we can see cubby holes or small boxed compartments underneath each seat. If you are looking for something simple, easy to build, and hassle-free, this cubby hole design might fit your tiny home best.

14) Double Decker Sofa


Does your tiny house have extra headspace that you’re not using? Wondering if you should install shelves above your couch for some extra space? Why not consider something like this double decker sofa, which starts off as a single sofa and can fold upward into a double decker?

If you ever need extra seating to entertain visiting guests or if you have a party going on, the double decker sofa is a great way to pull that seating out of nowhere. Feel free to use the bottom half as storage, too!

15) Storage Space Up Top


In all our couches on this list, the storage compartments are situated beneath the sofa or around its foundation and seats. We wanted to inspire you a bit more with this unique design, where the backrest of the sofa actually opens up to reveal small compartments. 

In this example, they show storage room for CDs, records, DVDs, and other small items, but really you could use this space for whatever medium-sized space you might need.

Extra Storage Pieces for Your Couch and Living Room

For those of you who already have your couch but still need some fresh ideas on how to store items around it, we’ve also included a few innovative items that you can purchase or use as inspiration for DIY projects.

1) Simboom Sofa Hanging Couch Caddy


If you want a bit of storage space but you don’t want to change up your current set-up, then we’ve got the perfect addition to your couch – the Simboom Sofa Hanging Couch Caddy. 

Just drape it over the side arm of your couch and store everything that usually gets lost between the pillows – remote controllers, cellphones, tablets, glasses, pens, and more. Simple, easy, and affordable.

2) Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tray Table Stand


Looking for something similar to the Simboom Couch Caddy, but with a bit more elegance and not as much of an eyesore? Try this beautiful handmade Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tray Table Stand from Etsy. 

Set down your drink right beside you as you relax and watch TV or read a book, and reach down for quick access to a storage shelf. This piece sits on the floor instead of against the couch, meaning it can also be used as a small table around the house.

3) Tucana Sofa Side Shelf


The Tucana Sofa Side Shelf is the perfect hybrid of the two accessories above. You simply set this side shelf beside your sofa and you immediately have space like a couch-side table. 

Tuck your books, ornaments, and other small items underneath, and set down plates of food, drinks, candles, and more on top of it. Its multi-functional C-shape design makes it an easy installation no matter what theme your tiny house might be.

4) HOMCOM Rectangular Linen Ottoman Storage Bench with Tray


The HOMCOM Rectangular Linen Ottoman Storage Bench with Tray is like most ottomans, with room inside and a removable top. But what makes this piece of furniture slightly unique is that it comes with a removable tray. 

This means that you and your family can set down drinks, plates, books, and other items right in front of your couch as you rest and watch TV, on the steady tray surface. Versatility is everything when it comes to tiny living.

5) Vintage Elegant Globe Wine Cooler


Do you regularly entertain in your tiny home with wine and fine drinks? If so, we have the perfect accessory to your living room – this Vintage Elegant Globe Wine Cooler. Just sit this next to your couch and you and your friends can be drinking all night long in style. 

When not in use, it still acts as a beautiful addition to your home. And when you have friends over, simply store your wine and drinks into the cooler and enjoy.

The Perfect Couch with Storage Tiny House Homeowners Can Get

Whether you’re buying your furniture off or planning to build it on your own as part of your DIY interior design, it’s always important you get the couch that works best for you and your tiny house. Living tiny is all about being open to new possibilities, even when it comes to your furniture.

So think outside the box if you truly want to live tiny. Build, buy, or create the best furniture for you and your tiny house today.

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