Building a tiny house is no joke and requires a lot of planning to get it done. Whether you’re at the conceptualization stage or making finishing touches to your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans can rekindle your passion for building tiny homes. Who knows, you might even pick up a new trick or two. 

As more builders and hobbyists find joy in creating these tiny spaces, it’s become easier for inexperienced and non-builders like us to find the resources they need to get started. 

So, where do you get tiny house plans for free? In this article, we share our favorite resources for free tiny house plans, as well as some sites that offer beautiful and affordable plans. 

DIY Haven: Carpentry Basics, Free Tiny House Plans, and Beyond

1. Ana White

Ana White is a DIY extraordinaire known for her amazing DIY videos on Youtube. From a farmhouse coffee table to building a desk from scratch, Ana is an amazing resource on how to build things with your own two hands. You can find detailed plans on her woodworking projects on the blog.

She and her husband have a video series on creating tiny homes. Their series includes tutorials on how to build a tiny house from the ground up. In one video, she explains her design process, which can help you understand what to watch out for when designing your own tiny house floor plan. Her blog is great for furniture ideas and just carpentry know-how in general. 

Quartz Tiny House, Free

Although Ana’s blog is mostly on woodworking projects, we still consider her an invaluable source to tiny house living because of her video series on tiny house construction. As a professional carpenter, she offers a lot of insights into the build and offers industry tips and tricks you might not know as a beginner. 

Her free plan, Quartz Tiny House, is a 24 x 8.6 feet tiny house. Right off the bat you’ll notice that the design features a utility cabinet that can host solar power equipment to transform this into an off-grid tiny solar house. 

The home also features durable exterior material, making this tiny house design great for outdoorsy, adventurous, and self-reliant home owners. 

Source: Ana White

This tiny house design is built to withstand all weather conditions. What we like about it is that you can easily swap out some of her design choices to fit your own in order to match your unique design philosophy. The exterior of the tiny house is on the lighter side, but you could easily stain your wood or get darker materials for a different appeal. 

This small house plan is available for free download on her blog

2. Tiny House Plans

Gabriella and Andrew of Tiny House Build have created a whole new site for tiny house plans. Tiny House Plans is a website dedicated to building and design, so if you’re looking for inspirational plans that work as well in real life as they do on paper, look no further. 

The best part about this site is that have been tried and tested by countless tiny house owners, and were specifically chosen by Gabriella and Andrew. As professional builders, they understand what makes a safe and sustainable tiny house — two crucial qualities that are inherent in the plans they choose to showcase. 

Free Tiny House Plans

Most plans you find on Tiny House Plans are paid, ranging from a $63 towable micro cabin to a luxurious and lightweight SIPS-paneled 32 x 8.6 tiny house for $199

To those who don’t want to spend a single dollar on a tiny house plan, you can still get your free tiny house floor plan complete with measurements, electrical fitting recommendations, and materials list by signing up for Gabriella and Andrew’s plan lottery. 

Every month they select a reader and send them a free tiny house plan. At the time of writing, they’re giving away plans to the beautiful 24 x 8.6 tiny house. 

This tiny house features a 177 square feet living space plus an extra 72 square feet for the loft space. The design features tons of windows and will make a great space for both entertaining and relaxing. This modern minimalist space will make a lovely home for a couple, with plenty of room for the bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and loft. 

Sign up for the free monthly plan lottery here or purchase the plans from their blog for $89. 

3. The Classic Archives

True to its name, The Classic Archives is a trove of information when it comes to woodworking and carpentry. The site offers numerous plans, book recommendations, and even gift ideas that you can do on your own. 

It’s a great place to start if you have never built anything in your life and want to begin a small project that can increase your building confidence. We recommend anything from their small home projects list , or if you want something more advanced, maybe try and build yourself a jungle gym.

Cottage Wood Cabin, Free

The folks at The Classic Archives might not have known it then but their cottage wood cabin design fits the exact definition of a tiny house. It’s a standard-sized structure standing at 8 x 13.6 feet with 108 square feet of living space. 

It features a sleeping loft that can comfortably house a queen sized bed. The build also includes plans for a stowable ladder for easy loft access. It even includes a cozy outdoor porch where you can have breakfast during lazy Saturday mornings. 

What we like about this free tiny house plan is how straightforward and detailed the build instructions are. The guide offers play-by-play instructions on how to set up everything from the floor to the framing to the roof, leaving no room for error. 

It’s a great resource for aspiring DIYers who have never attempted to build a tiny house before. Whether you’re using it as a basis for your own tiny house, or just a resource where you could pick up new construction tips, the cottage wood plan is a great free resource. 

You can access this free tiny house plan on their website. Browse other small house plans here

4. My Outdoor Plans

Ovidiu from My Outdoor Plans extends his love of woodworking into creating simple free tiny house plans. His site features tons of exciting projects, like a bird feeder or your very own wishing well.

Bigger, more complicated projects also take center stage in Ovidiu’s blog. The plans he publishes were either made by him personally or submitted by another long-time hobbyist. 

As a long-time woodworking hobbyist, Ovidiu noticed a lack in free plans for outdoor projects. By creating My Outdoor Plans, he fills the gap in knowledge and provides detailed guides on completing your first woodworking or carpentry project.  

You can now access over 20+ outdoor building plans for free on his site. His most recent addition to the group? Tiny house plans of all shapes and sizes. 

12 x 24 Tiny House With Loft, Free

Although this plan is built on a foundation tube footings, you can easily swap the foundation for a trailer and proceed with the rest of the build. Ovidiu takes the time to provide some tips on creating a long-lasting tiny house. For instance, he mentions needing to be careful with lumber selection in order to get the most out of your building budget. 

This free tiny house plan includes materials, tools needed, as well as the estimated time needed to construct everything from the ground up. If you have one week’s time to build your tiny house and enough patience to see through this massive project, you’ll be rewarded with your own debt-free abode in no time. 

Keep in mind that this plan doesn’t have anything on insulation, plumbing, or electrical wiring and is just 100% focused on the carpentry and framing. Access his tiny house plan here. Visit his site for other free tiny house plans. 

Tiny House Plans For $100 and Below

Some tiny house plans you’ll find online will be $100 to $300 for the plan alone. As a bargain hunter, you might want to look at the alternatives below for affordable but still remarkable tiny house design.

  • The Small House Catalog: Their plans range from $49 to $99. You’ll find all sorts of tiny house design here - from modern ones to those with more of a rustic charm. One thing to note is that the majority of these plans are laid on a solid foundation so you’ll have to make some adjustments to make it work for a tiny house on wheels. 
  • Pad Tiny Houses: Their plans range from $39 to $234, but you could find great designs for below $100. All of the homes featured here are built on a trailer, so it’s a great inspiration if you’re looking for something that’s road-ready. 

Ready to Build Your Tiny House?

Studying tiny house plans teaches you a lot about materials, technique, and just general design philosophy. We find that a lot of DIYers don’t really understand how challenging a build can be right until they’re doing it.

By looking at design plans, you can recalibrate your expectations and have a theoretical understanding of what it takes to create a finished product. It also helps you understand what you want for your own tiny house design. 

By the time you’ve gone through these resources, we’re confident you’ll be prepped and ready to create the tiny house you deserve. 

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