Fitting tiny houses with the perfect appliances can be one the biggest challenges of the tiny house experience, because you have a million things to consider: size, budget, appearance, functionality, and more. Today we’re going to discuss a must-have in all tiny houses and their appliances: super small ovens.

So what are the best tiny ovens for tiny houses today? We’ve compiled a list of the top appliances to choose from on the market, according to top selling units, user reviews, and our own experience. Here are our top 6:

  1. Avanti 20 DGR20P3S
  2. Sage BOV820BSS
  3. Dualit 89200
  4. Cookworks 20L
  5. Premier EAK600BP
  6. Breville BOV800XL

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Top Small Ovens for Tiny House Living

1) Avanti 20 DGR20P3S

Who Should Buy It: When you want the strength and flexibility of having a normal-sized kitchen oven but still want it tighter and more compact than most ovens out there.

Full-size oven with just a 20” width, making it perfect for tiny house chefsPricier than most options
21 cubic feet total oven capacity with continuous grates and extra storage space with a storage drawerNot as small as a toaster oven

One of the best overall brands out there for tiny house homeowners is Avanti, specifically because they specialize in producing compact and small cooking appliances that can fit nice and snug in all the best places. The Avanti 20” DGR20P3S Elite Series Freestanding All Gas Stove Range is one of our favorite choices for ovens fit for your average tiny home.

If you’re in the market for a real kitchen oven but you don’t want to deal with the real oven size, then this oven might be exactly what you need. With natural gas, 4 sealed burners (induction cooktop), storage drawer in stainless steel and a viewing window, it’s got everything you would expect from an oven while being tiny house friendly.

ProductAvanti DGR20P3S
Weight108 lbs
Dimensions / Size19.5” x 37.5” x 25.25”
Average Amazon Score3.5

2) Sage BOV820BSS

Who Should Buy It: If you’re not really a cook and you would like your tiny oven to teach you a few tricks of the trade.

Intelligent heating system for more precise cookingCooking chamber might be a bit smaller than what you would like
The settings are pretty easy to change with the outside dialsDesign might seem a bit old-fashioned

When people ask us for our favorite toaster oven for a tiny house or a regular house, we might always go with Sage. Sage produces convenient smart ovens with their Element IQ technology, which helps you control your heating to make sure your food is prepared exactly how it should be. With 10 pre-set cooking functions, anyone can prepare a meal with the Sage Smart Oven Pro – it just needs a hand to operate it.

Some of the features of this appliance include a fan (making this a convection oven) to allow for even cooking and a frame built out of brushed stainless steel, for a sleek yet slightly square design (which might seem old-fashioned for some).

ProductSage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ
Weight30 lbs
Dimensions / Size17.5” x 12.6” x 22.4”
Average Amazon Score4.8

3) Dualit 89200 Mini Oven

Who Should Buy It: For speedy cooking with all the functions you could ask for.

Very fast heating, so if you’re in a hurry this is a great mini oven to haveLack of interior light means you will have to check on your food by opening the door
Rounded backside unique to toaster ovens, and comes with its own pizza trayTemperature settings can be limiting

The Dualit 89200 Mini Convection Oven is the all-in-one tool that can turn any ill-equipped tiny kitchen into a place for all kinds of dishes. There are two unique features that come with the Dualit 89200: its interior shape and its heating speed. The interior shape has a curved back, meaning you can slide in circular trays and dishes without forcing an awkward fit. So if you want to heat something up really quick and keep it on the plate, that’s totally an option.

It can also power up much faster than other ovens of its size, heating up to 180°C in just under three minutes. If you’re an impatient cook and want your food right here and right now, the Dualit will be your best friend. With bake, grill, convection, and defrost functions, the Dualit can quickly become your favorite secondary cooking appliance.

ProductDualit 89200 Mini Oven
Weight15 lbs
Dimensions / Size11.8” x 9.8” x 6.7”
Average Amazon Score4

4) Cookworks 20L Mini Oven

Who Should Buy It: When you don’t like modern features and just want a simple appliance that works great.

Simple and easy, no fuss and no botherLack of interior fan to evenly heat the food
Roomy interior cooking spaceNo extra features

Sometimes all you really need is simple functionality. While the features that smart ovens and other advanced ovens can be handy and unique, these can be a bother to some people, and we get it. You just want a mini oven that does what one should do and nothing more. For cases like these, we always recommend Cookworks. Specifically, the Cookworks 20L Mini Oven and Grill.

The Cookworks 20L is the simplest oven we’re showcasing on this list, which to some readers might be its greatest asset. With just three details – one for settings, one for temperature, and one for the timer – this mini oven is pretty straightforward. While there is unfortunately no fan inside to help evenly cook the food, there is a surprisingly cooking area inside it, so you can definitely cook a few things at a time.

ProductCookworks 20L Mini Oven and Grill
Weight12 lbs
Dimensions / Size9.4” x 11.9” x 11”
Average Amazon Score5

5) Premier EAK600BP 20”

Who Should Buy It: When you feel that you can’t cook seriously with a mini oven, the Premier is a great alternative to Avanti.

Full-sized oven at just half the widthMuch larger and heavier than a mini oven
Simple to use and understand, with enough burners to cook a full family dinner

We wanted to keep this list to super tiny ovens, so most of the items here are mini ovens. But we do understand that some people want small ovens without losing the accessibility of a full-sized oven. While Avanti is great for this, another thin full-sized oven out there is Premier’s 20” range. Like Avanti, Premier makes ovens that are just 20” wide, perfect for a tiny house.

So what do you get with that size? Four burners, a bottom storage bin, a two-rack oven, and a 2.4-cubic-foot capacity. While this isn’t big enough for a full-sized Thanksgiving turkey, you can definitely roast as many chickens as you want (one by one, that is!).

ProductPremier EAK600BP 20” Stainless Steel Electric Coil Range
Weight135 lbs
Dimensions / Size25” x 20.1” x 40”
Average Amazon Score4.1

6) Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Pro

Who Should Buy It: When you want to spend big on a smart, efficient, tiny oven that won’t let you down.

Various functions from cookies to toast to pizza to roastPricier than other ovens on this list
Impressive capacity, capable of baking your own bread or up to 6 slices of toastYou might not need the smart features that inflate the price

The Breville Smart Oven Pro isn’t the first smart oven on this list, but it’s still great enough to warrant a shout-out. With surprising power, you can actually bake your own bread and slow roast meat in this oven. And if you don’t like guessing exactly how long certain types of food and meals might needs, the Breville Smart Oven Pro has your back, with various options for pizza, toas, bagels, and more on its LCD screen.

One downside of the Breville unit is its cost, which is pumped up because it’s a “smart” toaster with a built-in LCD screen to amplify its heating elements. Kitchen appliances don’t get much smarter than this tiny oven.

ProductBreville BOV800XL Smart Oven
Weight17 lbs
Dimensions / Size15.7” x 18.5” x 11”
Average Amazon Score4.5

Choosing the Best Tiny House Oven: A Guide

No tiny house kitchen is complete without its own oven. And there isn’t one perfect oven out there; it all depends on what you and your family need from your oven to determine which one is best for you. Here’s a quick guide to buy the best super small oven for your tiny house:

Types of Mini Electric Ovens

  1. Simple Electric Mini Oven: The simple mini oven is the type you are probably most familiar with, which most tiny houses already have. These mini ovens just get the job done with no extra fuss – they can roast, brown, and bake all kinds of foods with no added functionality.
  2. Rotisserie Electric Mini Oven: Mini ovens with rotisserie function are for homeowners who like to cook meat on a stick every now and then. This type of cooking guarantees juicy and delicious meals due to the uniform cooking all around the surface. These types of ovens are generally much bigger than other types of mini ovens, so you might not want one in your tiny home.
  3. Convection Electric Mini Oven: These mini ovens have internal fans that blow the air around the interior of the oven while your food is cooking. This allows for a more distributed and all-around cooking experience, making your food taste better all throughout.

Things to Consider While Oven-Shopping

  • Functionality: The first question you need to ask yourself – what do you want with your new oven? Are you only going to make sandwiches, or are you going to roast your own chickens? Do you just want to heat food, or do you want to make dishes from scratch? Understanding your needs and expectations with your oven will help you narrow your search down immediately.
  • Size: Space, space, space. It’s all about space with a tiny house and appliances, so how small of an oven do you really want? The smaller your house appliances and cooking appliances get, the less powerful and functional they become. While some may need a mini oven due to space constraints, you might want to consider a thin full-sized oven instead, with burners for additional cooking (if space permits). If you can get an oven with burners, the burners will make your cooking experience that much easier.
  • Control Panel: While most parts of most mini ovens are pretty standard and uniform, the control panel is one aspect that varies from model to model. Check out the appearance of the panel – the buttons, knobs, and any screen – and whether or not the overall design is intuitive to you. Appliances with panels that don’t make sense will never get used.
  • Any Additional Features: Check models for any additional features, and whether you like those features for your tiny house kitchen. Examples of extra features include a digital display, clean heating elements, self-stopping, slide-out shelves, and more.
  • Accessories: Accessories are always appreciated, so make sure you know what (if any) accessories come with your oven. Even if you don’t intend to use them in your tiny house now, you might end up using them someday.
  • Price, Warranty, and Appearance: We don’t need to go into these too much – make sure you compare prices, appearances, and warranties, and whether you are comfortable with the final decision you make for your tiny house with these three considered.

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