Most of us treat our pets as part of our family but living with one in a tiny home can present several challenges. With only limited room to roam free, pets are likely to stir trouble inside confined spaces. But by providing their basic needs and some toys to keep them occupied, you and your beloved furball can enjoy a comfortable life in a tiny home.

So what are the best tiny-house friendly pet accessories to own? Having pets means you should be ready to provide their necessities which include pet beds, feeders, hygiene items, and toys. Since tiny houses only have limited space, it’s important to choose accessories that won’t add to the clutter.

Living with Pets in a Tiny House

One of the problems that pet owners face when they decide to downsize to a tiny home is whether to keep their pets or not. Living with pets in a tiny house presents many challenges, but once you learn to work your way around them, you can live a peaceful life accompanied by your beloved furball.

Here are some tips to follow to keep your pets happy with your new home:

  • Dedicate a Safe Space for Them – Just like humans, pets also need a sanctuary they can retreat to when they feel nervous or anxious. Remember that they can get territorial about space so it’s best to get them a bed or a crate. Aside from a sleeping space, they should also have another area for mealtime.
  • Keep Them Exercised Outside – Exercise is essential for all pets. They need to wear off their energy by playing and bonding with the owners. However, if your pet is large as a dog, it would be better to take walks and exercise outside to compensate for the lack of space inside the tiny house. They should also have a non-toxic toy or two that they can play with by themselves.
  • Organize All Pet Toys and Accessories – Having too much stuff cluttered around the place can be annoying, especially in a tiny home that doesn’t have much space. Like all the other things in a tiny home, it’s better to keep all pet accessories organized in one place.
  • Buy Decorative and Functional Items – Most items and equipment inside a tiny home are multipurpose, and pet accessories should also be the same. When shopping for a dog crate, find one that also doubles as a small coffee table.
  • Get Them Used to Stairs – To utilize more space, a lot of tiny houses install stairs or ladders in their home. For pet owners that live in tiny homes, it’s better to get the pets used to climb the stairs without being carried. Giving them access to the upper area of the house is up to you, but it will certainly give them more space to roam free. There’s also no need to worry about them falling off the second floor since pets are smart enough to sense danger. Adding a railing can also ensure their safety.

8 Tiny House-Friendly Pet Accessories

It’s not easy living with pets inside a tiny home. But with the right pet accessories, living comfortably with a furry companion in a tiny house wouldn’t sound so bad. Take a look at some of the most useful pet accessories you should have at home:

Beds and Houses

Pets should have a dedicated place for resting inside the home. They deserve a cozy spot to retreat to whenever they feel anxious or simply want to rest. There are pet beds of different shapes and sizes out there that can match the house’s motif.

However, some pet beds and crates can be bulky. That’s why tiny house-owners should choose pet crates that double as a small table or a pet sofa that has a tiny compartment for storing all their accessories. For cats, it’s better to have cat-friendly and space-saving beds that hang on the walls or windows.

Here are our top picks:

  • New Age Pet Crate/End Table – This chic-looking pet crate also serves as an end table in the living room. The sturdy material will allow you to put anything on top – a book, glasses, or even a plant. Since the pet has its own space to lounge in, there’s no need to worry about pet hair on the sofa. New Age Pet Crates come in different colors that will look good inside any home.
  • Cat Hammock Window Seat – For cats who love perching up high spaces at home, this cat hammock is the perfect resting place. Made with strong fabric covering and durable pipes, it can hold large cats without fuss. It also comes with a cozy flannel mat for the cat’s comfort.

Bowls and Feeders

Like resting places, pets should also have a separate space for their mealtime. Cats can have them up high, but dog bowls and feeders will take up much floor space in the kitchen area. With the food and water bowls on the floor, be ready to clean it up every after a meal.

Check out some of the best bowls and feeders you can buy online:

  • Boomer & George Pet Feeder Station – Pet feeding stations like this one from Boomer & George come with pull-out food and water bowls, as well as storage for dry food. It also features a shelf to put the treat jars in and side hooks for hanging their leash or collar. The pull-out tray makes it easier to keep the inset stainless-steel bowls out of sight.
  • SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl – Cleaning up after the pet’s mealtime becomes easier with these collapsible dog bowls. Aside from taking up small storage space, these bowls are also easy to clean – just rinse or wipe it after every use. What’s great about this bowl is that it is suitable for walks, hikes, and travels with a pet.

Care and Hygiene

One of the biggest challenges that tiny homeowners face is keeping their tiny house clean. This might be more challenging with pets that are heavy shedders. A high-quality vacuum can keep the shed fur at bay.

Pets bring love and companionship to their owners, even if they come with occasional shedding and muddy paw prints. Since they can’t clean themselves like we do, it’s up to the owners to take care of them through occasional baths and regular coat brushing.

Keep your pet and tiny home clean with these products:

  • GM Pet Supplies Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – This 2-in-1 brush is suitable for all pets and fur types. It effortlessly glides over their coat to remove loose hair, tangles, knots, dirt, and more. It also features a self-cleaning button so that the fur comes right off.
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum – For cleaning pet hair on different parts of the house, a handheld vacuum will do the job better than the traditional one. This cordless hand vacuum comes with a crevice tool for hard to reach areas and an upholstery tool for soft surfaces.

Pet Toys

Although some pets need exercise, you might be too exhausted to play with them sometimes. Pet toys can keep them occupied and entertained if that’s the case. Giving them access to their toys will depend on the owner, but make sure that there is a basket or container to put them away so that it’s not all over the place.

Entertain pets with these pet toys available online:

  • Wickedbone Smart Bone – This app-enabled toy will allow owners to play with their pets from a distance. It’s a safe and engaging toy created with FDA-approved materials to protect the pet’s teeth and claws. Wickedbone Smart Bone also comes with an auto-play mode to keep pets occupied while you’re not home.
  • Wobble Wag Giggle Ball – A giggle ball like this one will hold any dog’s attention with its clutch pockets and internal noisemaker. It will keep the dog entertained and active indoor and outdoor. The best thing about this toy? It doesn’t require batteries!

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