Living in under 500 square feet doesn’t have to feel cramped. Follow the footsteps of tiny house owners and use the great outdoors to expand your living space. Even after going tiny, you can still set up a cozy porch for lazy afternoons and busy Sunday dinners. 

In this article, we feature the best patio ideas for tiny homes, as well as some furniture pieces that will truly make the outdoors feel like home. 

Patio Design Ideas For Tiny Houses

Patios are a luxury in bigger homes, but that doesn’t mean tiny homes can’t have them too! Below are just some of the cool ways tiny house owners have incorporated patios in their tiny spaces, whether it’s a tiny house on a foundation or a tiny house on wheels. 

1. Tropical and Beachy


The Hale Douglas is a rentable tiny house Airbnb in Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia. This surf-themed tiny house features clean white walls interspersed with dark natural wood, which really makes for a nice contrast.

This quaint tiny home also comes with an adorable patio adorned with two rattan chairs and a wooden table. A swing hangs from the patio framing, perfect for hanging out in the afternoon. 


The entry doors open fully into the patio, giving renters the opportunity to bring the outside in. This design is a great way to incorporate the outdoor and indoor living spaces together, and extend the rest of the living space outdoors. 

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2. Travel-Friendly Fold Down Patio

foldable tiny house patio

Joanna and Matthew’s ultramodern tiny home features a patio that’s perfect for tiny home owners who are always on the go. This fold down tiny house patio measures 8 feet wide and serves two purposes.

Firstly, it serves as extra living space for Joanna and Matthew; Secondly, it measures exactly 8 feet wide to serve as a protection for the huge kitchen glass panes where the patio opens from. Whenever in travel mode, the patio shields these fragile window panes from wind and general travel damage. 

Don’t let the hovering design fool you, this all-aluminum patio is rated to withstand loads up to 1,000 lbs. The custom patio has a built-in umbrella placed indiscreetly on the ground for extra shade when needed. Another example of a custom tiny house solution that works smartly with the rest of the home. 

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3. Cozy and Simple

tiny house front

Sarsha’s rentable shipping container turned tiny house is just another testament to the creativity of the community. Built right in her backyard as extra space for family and renters, this 235 square foot shipping container tiny house offers modern comforts and full-sized appliances. 

Garden boxes line the tiny house siding to lend more life into the outside. It’s a great way to introduce more greenery in your space and kickstart your own gardening project. 

tiny house wall greenery

Outdoor garden lights hanging from end to end lend light to the patio, giving it a warm glow as the sun sets. Patio staples such as a comfy sofa and lounge chair make this patio a great place to hang out. Add a barbecue grill in your space just like Sarsha did for fun barbecue nights with friends and family. 

The doors slide outwards, which opens up the space and allows the inside and the outside to come together seamlessly. 

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4. Convertible Indoor Patio

This 238 square foot off-grid tiny home features one of the most innovative takes on the patio we’ve seen. Instead of having the patio as a separate space from the rest of the tiny home, the inside of the home can be converted into an instant patio by opening up a huge garage door. 

Imagine having this tiny house parked overlooking a cliff. The builders placed a simple chair and table combo for their living room furniture, but you could easily swap that with a comfy couch (maybe even bean bags) to really make the most of the space and the view. 

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5. Hot Tub Patio

For Adele, the only retirement option that made sense was a tiny house. After downsizing from a 1,300 square feet home into her retirement tiny home. 

“I realized I use this bathroom, occasionally I use the half bath downstairs I sit right here in the living room I don’t even use the other half of the living room. I go into the kitchen for necessary things, and then my bed. And I’m like, if I just took the things that I use, I don’t need anything more than a tiny house,” said Adele when asked about her motivation to go tiny. 

Now practically rent-free, Adele enjoys living on her sister’s farm with all modern comforts, and then some. Her attached deck features a soft hot tub for two! A convertible chair to picnic table sits right outside her home for times when she has guests over. 

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Furniture Ideas For Tiny House Patio

Transform your outdoor space into a part of your home by placing some patio furniture. Before you know it, you’re reading your favorite book or hanging out with your family in your new favorite outdoor space!

Slim Conversation Set

set of patio chairs

Most patio conversation sets are bulky and heavy. With a 3-piece conversation set with slim profiles, you can still enjoy your time outside without having to worry about where to set down your furniture. Enjoy your morning coffee with a loved one or by yourself. Get yours here.

Outdoor Cabinet and Counter

outdoor wooden cabinet

An outdoor cabinet that’s built to last is a must have for any tiny home. This outdoor cabinet is made from 100% fir wood, which is well-known for its strength and natural resistance to pests and rot. The counter is made of galvanized metal sheet, which is an excellent corrosion-resistant material. Shop yours from Amazon.

Foldable Lounge Chair

foldable lounge chair

A patio wouldn’t be complete without a foldable lounge chair. A wooden lounge chair instantly transforms your patio into a stylish and cozy space. Because it’s foldable, you can easily bring your lounge chair in and out of the home when needed. Buy one here

Storage Bench

storage bench

Add a rustic, cabin charm to your tiny house by placing this multi-storage bench right outside your home. The beautiful gray finishing adds character to the furniture and will blend in effortlessly with any outdoor environment. The bench seating comes up and reveals a sizable storage unit for shoes, tools, and other materials. Order yours today. 

All-Weather Wicker Set

set of two outdoor chairs and table

Wicker furniture is a staple in any patio. With this all-weather wicker set, you don’t have to worry about bringing the cushions in during rough weather. Designed to withstand wear and tear, the cushions are made with weather-resistant materials that will last for years to come. Add a tropical cabana vibe to your tiny home with this durable wicker set

Woven Ottoman

woven ottoman

Give your patio a boho upgrade by decorating it with a multipurpose ottoman. Use it as an extra seating, footstool, or surface. The blended hemp and cotton cover can be removed for easier cleaning. Can be placed indoors or outdoors as needed. Shop yours from Amazon. 

Stackable Outdoor Chairs

stackable outdoor chairs

Stackable chairs are a fantastic way to add seating options for guests, without adding unnecessary clutter. Made from UV and weather-resistant material, you can leave them outside all day long, and easily pack them up when it’s time to hit the road. 

Elevate the Great Outdoors

With just some simple touches, you can upgrade your outdoor space into a comfortable tiny house patio. Make this transformation project extra special by looking up DIY projects for your own patio furniture. 

Whether you buy or build your own tiny house patio furniture, you’ll surely come up with something that will be a unique addition to your home. Happy decorating!

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