Compared to other parts of a tiny home, organizing the kitchen is probably the most challenging task yet. The majority of the appliances in a house are found there. That's why you have to be creative when thinking of ways to fit all necessary tools in a tiny part of the house. One solution to avoid bulky devices is to find multifunctional tiny house kitchen tools.

So what are the best multi-purpose kitchen appliances that tiny house owners should have? When buying multi-purpose kitchen appliances, look for countertop dishwashers, workstation sinks, breakfast stations, air fryers, pressure cookers, and hand blenders. Kitchen essentials like kitchen tool sets, storage containers, wall-mounted food dispensers, and more are must-haves because they can help in meal preps without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

What to Look for With Tiny House Multi-Purpose Tool

Buying tiny house kitchen appliances isn’t the same as shopping for traditional home appliances. You have to think about the limited space and decide which items belong to the kitchenette and which ones will just end up being clutter.

To help you sort them, here’s some qualities of what tiny house multi-purpose kitchen appliances should be:

  • Multifunctional – A lot of products that have multifunctional features are now available in the market. It’s better to buy house appliances that are multi-purpose to save lots of space at home. There are tiny house kitchen appliances that function as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, and more in just one convenient device.
  • Compact Yet Sturdy – Since more people are starting to live in small apartments and tiny houses, dozens of manufacturers have developed tiny home kitchen appliances that are affordable. Most compact products are made with sleek designs and unique shapes to fit perfectly on countertops. However, ensure that the tiny house appliances you’re buying are also durable – there’s nothing good about cheap and small appliances if they break as soon as they are bought.
  • Collapsible – Foldable or collapsible tools are useful when it comes to organizing everything in the storage area. Just flatten or disassemble them to fit into a small space. Replacing some of the house appliances with a collapsible version can save a lot of storage space.
  • Energy-efficient – One of the biggest reasons why more people are switching to a tiny home lifestyle is to reduce their carbon footprint. Since most tiny houses were built to have limited power sources, it’s better to use tiny house appliances that consume less energy. Reducing the power consumption in a tiny home also helps the owners save a lot of cash.
  • Noise-Free – All sounds are amplified in a cramped space like a tiny home. Although it wouldn’t bother you at first, tiny house appliances that create unnecessary noise can eventually become annoying. Get some peace inside a tiny home by choosing appliances that are essentially noise-free.

Must-Have Multifunctional Appliances for a Tiny House Kitchen

Countertop Dishwasher

Countertop dishwashers are probably not a priority for tiny house kitchens but it’s a good investment that every tiny home should have. Aside from cleaning the dirty dishes, some washers can also function as dish dryers, baby bottle steamers, and more. These tiny house appliances are especially useful for anyone who spends most of their time serving dishes in tiny house kitchens.

The best compact dishwashers usually come in 18 to 21 inches – enough to fit in the corner of a small kitchen but also big enough to clean cups, pans, plates, and other cutlery. When choosing a dishwasher, make sure that it doesn’t make much noise or consume too much energy.

If you’re looking for the best countertop dishwashers available online, here are our top picks:

  1. Danby (DDW631SDB) Countertop Tiny Portable Dishwasher
Size19.69” x 21.65” x 17.24”
Noise52 dB
Annual Energy Consumption203 kWh
Price$ 229.99

This countertop dishwasher manufactured by Danby is one of the best washers in the market when it comes to cleaning power. It removes food and other residues from the dirty dishes as well as a full-sized dishwasher does. Danby Tiny Portable Dishwasher only consumes low water and energy even at full capacity.

Installing this helpful tiny home kitchen device is also easy because of the rapid connect feature that’s compatible with different kinds of tiny kitchen faucets or taps.

  1. Farberware (FDW05ASBWHA) Portable Countertop Dishwasher with Built-in Water Tank
Size17.3” x 16.5” x 17.3”
Noise60 dB
Annual Energy Consumption130 kWh
Price$ 365.00

Farberware’s Portable Countertop Dishwasher is perfect for tiny homes that live off-grid and has a limited water source. Since it has a built-in water tank, owners don’t have to hook it up to the faucet every time. Even with low water consumption, it can still provide the dirty dishes a thorough and deep cleaning thanks to the upper and lower spray arms.

What’s great about this product are the two modes that most dishwashers don’t include: Fruit Wash for cleaning fruits and vegetables before serving them and Baby Care that generate steam for cleansing baby bottles.

Workstation Sink

For a tiny home sink, it’s better to get a compact 15” x 15” single bowl kitchen sink to save up space. Take it up a notch by going for a workstation sink instead. This kind of sink offers additional workspace by turning into a drying rack, cutting board, colander, and more.

If you’re looking to add a workstation sink in the tiny house kitchen, here are the best ones to buy online:

  1. Ruvati RVH8304 15-inch Workstation Sink
Size15.0” x 19.0” x 10.0”
Installation MethodUndermount
Included ComponentsSink, Cutting Board, Bottom Rinse Grid, Basket Strainer Drain Assembly, Installation Guide
Price$ 259.00

The Ruvati RVH8304 prep sink helps maximize the functionality of a normal sink. It includes a cutting board to cover the entire bowl, providing more countertop space in case it’s needed. Aside from its multifunctionality, what we love most about the Ruvati RVH8304 Workstation Sink is its NoiseDefend padding and SoundGuard undercoating that minimizes noise as it is used at home.

  1. Kraus KWU111-17 17-inch Workstation Undermount
Size17.0” x 19.0” x 10.5”
Installation MethodUndermount
Included ComponentsSink, Bamboo Cutting Board, Dish Grid, Strainer, and Drain Cover
Price$ 299.95

Professional kitchen setups inspired Kraus to develop the KWU 111-17 Kore Workstation Sink so that people can prep their meals like a pro even in the tiniest house kitchens. It is also created with real 16-gauge stainless steel, putting it at the list of the most durable sinks available in the market.

Breakfast Station

Breakfast stations have only started gaining popularity among social media users recently, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to multifunctionality. This tiny house kitchen appliance will make morning routines a lot easier by packing a toaster, pan, and coffee maker in one device.

Among the many breakfast stations you can find online, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Nostalgia BST3RR 3-in-1 Breakfast Station
Size19.25” x 11.75” x 11.5”
Weight15.97 lbs
Price$ 79.99

Nostalgia Breakfast Station’s compact design is perfect for a small kitchen. With three fully functional kitchen appliances in one, preparing for morning becomes easier. This electric kitchen device includes a 3-cup coffee maker, a family-sized griddle, and a large toaster that has enough space for 4 slices of bread. The toaster is also perfect for a 7-inch pizza, casseroles, cookies, and other meals.

  1. Elite Gourmet Americana 3-in-1 Breakfast Center
Size15.5” x 9.5” x 8.75”
Weight10.63 lbs
Price$ 50.99

This 3-in-1 breakfast station has a simple on/off switch that allows you to utilize all three appliances in one device. It includes a coffee maker that can brew up to 4 cups of coffee, a 6-inch griddle to cook eggs just the way you prefer them, and a single slice toaster oven with a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is another customer favorite because it provides the same crispy texture that fried foods have minus all the grease. With compact air fryers, hot air circulates the food at high speeds. Since it is the healthier option, more people are buying air fryers to indulge themselves more without feeling guilty about the extra carbs and cholesterols.

Choose the best air fryers for tiny homes here:

  1. Dash Compact Air Fryer
Size10.2” x 8.1” x 11.4”
Timer Range30 mins.
Capacity2 Qt.
Price$ 44.99

Dash Compact Air Fryer is a must-have for any kitchen because it is smaller than a traditional air fryer. Versatile tiny house appliances like this can cook a dozen fried wings, a pound of French fries, and more in just a few minutes. It also features an auto-shutoff function to prevent food from overcooking.

  1. GoWISE USA Programmable Air Fryer
Size12.0” x 8.0” x 8.0”
Timer Range30 mins.
Capacity3.7 Qt.
Price$ 60.99

This multi-purpose air fryer has 8 cooks presets including warm, fish, chips, chicken, pork, steak, shrimp, and cake. It allows you to create your favorite dishes inside the tiny house without using too much oil. It also features a digital LCD touchpad that lets users set the right temperature and time if they’re making something without the help of a preset. 

All-in-One Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are a great addition to any tiny house. They can create complete meals while consuming less power. Cooking a meal in a pressure cooker is also easy – with just a few buttons, users can cook rice, cake, yogurt, and more.

Among the best all-in-one pressure cookers available online, here are our favorites:

  1. Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker 7-in-1
Size13.39” x 12.2” x 12.48”
Capacity6 Qt.
Price$ 99.99

For beginners in the kitchen, the Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker is one of the best multifunctional appliances around. This device combines seven appliances in one including a slow cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, saute pan, steamer, rice cooker, and pressure cooker. Its 6 Qt. capacity is enough to cook dishes for up to six people.

  1. MOOSOO All-in-One Pressure Cooker
Size12.4” x 12.4” x 20.87”
Capacity6 Qt.
Price$ 169.99

With this all-in-one pressure cooker and air fryer, there might be no need for other cooking appliances. This awesome gadget offers a total of 26 cooking presets and a 6 Qt. capacity. It also features a Digital LED touchscreen for convenient operation.

Multi-purpose Hand Blender

Most tiny house dwellers choose mixers and food processors for different purposes, but a hand blender might do a better job in some situations. Since it can be used directly inside a pot, fewer bowls will be needed and the mess will be more contained. From blending soups to whipping up creams, a multi-purpose hand blender is definitely a must-have for any kind of house.

Here are our top picks for the best hand blenders:

  1. KOIOS Powerful Hand Immersion Blender
Size5.27” x 9.37” x 9.92”
Wattage800 W
Speed Operation12-speed operation
Price$ 49.99

Create your culinary favorites from soups to cakes with this heavy-duty hand immersion blender introduced by KOIOS. It comes with a blender shaft, a stainless egg whisk, a 600 ml mixing beaker, and a 500ml chopper bowl. Unlike other hand blenders in the market that only have 6, KOIOS offers 12-speed operations.

  1. Mueller Australia Ultra-Stick Hand Blender
Size15.27” x 4.8” x 2.87”
Wattage500 W
Speed Operation9-speed operation
Price$ 34.97

This hand blender is the perfect addition to your tiny house kitchen because of its slim stick that saves space and fits about anywhere. By using different attachments, anyone can easily whip up creams, beat eggs, fix peanut butter, and puree fruits.

Multi-purpose Kitchen Tool You Should Own

  1. BUTEFO 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set

Want to free up some cabinet space? Purchase this 8-in-1 bottle-shaped tiny house kitchen tool now. This multi-purpose kitchen device includes a cap opener, egg masher, cheese grater, fruit juicer, measuring cup, spice grater, funnel, and egg yolk separator. It’s also easy to tell the attachments apart because of their bright colors.

Buying this one kitchen gadget is much cheaper than individually buying all the other eight appliances separately.

  1. Joseph Joseph Nest Plastic Food Storage Container Set with Lids

Keep your food fresh and sealed in these BPA-free plastic containers that are safe inside in the microwave, freezer, and other tiny house appliances. It also features color-coded lids and containers so that finding them comes easy.

Storing these containers when they’re not in use will save much cupboard space in the tiny house since everything fits perfectly inside the largest container.

  1. Zevro Indispensable SmartSpace Wall Mount Dry Food Dispenser

For a tiny home that only has a limited countertop and floor space, utilizing the walls for storage is a must. That’s why these wall-mounted food dispensers are perfect for storing grains, cereals, and more. It also features a control knob to help you get the perfect amount of food needed every time.

  1. Seville Classics Iron Slat Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf

Most shelves and cabinets in the kitchen have spaces above stacked plates. With a helper shelf like this, it’s easier to expand the space inside the cupboard. It also organizes mugs, plates, and bowls so that the tiny house kitchen won’t look too cluttered.

  1. Rev-A-Shelf 11 Inch Polymer Sink Front Tip Out Storage Trays

Utilize that awkward space under the sink by installing a tip out tray like this one. Rev-A-Shelf creates extra storage without the need for complicated tools. This tip out tray fits inside standard-sized tiny house kitchen drawers. Instead of keeping the dish sponge and soap on the sink, you can put them inside the tip out tray instead.

  1. Origami Folding Kitchen Cart on Wheels

Need more countertop space? A folding cart on wheels can hold a lot of different things as you prepare food in the tiny house kitchen. With its four caster wheels, the cart won’t get in the way while you work. When all the preparations are done, the collapsible card can fold in under 10 seconds. Since it’s only 6-inches wide when folded, you can tuck it away in the unoccupied nooks of the tiny house kitchen.

  1. YAMAZAKI Home Plate Kitchen Rack-Magnetic Storage Holder

This organizing rack from Yamazaki allows you to use the walls of the tiny house for storage. It can hold everything from utensils, paper towels, spices, and more. Since it is magnetic, just mount it to a refrigerator, magnetic wall, or any metal surface. It also comes with screws so it can be installed on the tiny house kitchen’s drywall.

4 Space-Saving Tips for a Tiny House Kitchen

Fitting all kitchen essentials in a tiny home can be challenging, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your kitchen dreams when downsizing. With these tips and a little creativity, your tiny house kitchen will have everything you need and more.

  1. Maximize Cabinet Space – Tiny house kitchen cabinets usually have unused spaces above stacked mugs and plates. Make the most out of these extra rooms in the cupboards with under-shelf baskets and helper shelves.
  2. Use Carts and Moveable Islands – Rolling islands and carts is a practical storage option that tiny house owners will love. They come in either simple shelving units or cabinets complete with knife drawers and spice racks.
  3. Utilize the Wall for Hanging and Storage – Maximize the space in a tiny house kitchen by utilizing wall-mounted racks for storing pans, pots, knives, cutting boards, and other meal prep needs. The best area for wall storage is above the sink since most of the preparation and clean up happens in that area.
  4. Install a Folding Table – A folding table is for eating as well as food prep when the tiny house kitchen’s counter space isn’t enough. Fold-out tables can disappear in an instant when you’re done with your business in the tiny kitchen.

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