Tiny houses are all about efficiency. When it comes to furniture shopping, size isn’t the only you should be looking at. Keep an eye out for a furniture’s functionality. If you can buy one thing for two purposes, then you’ve got certified tiny house furniture in your hands. 

Where can I buy tiny house furniture? Tons of modular furniture are available for sale, but those usually don’t fit the aesthetic and budget of most tiny house owners. You don’t have to get custom made furniture to get durable pieces for your tiny house. 

If you think the quintessential storage bench is the end-all-and-be-all of versatile furniture, think again. In this article, we feature furniture ideas for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room - all of which you can buy or build yourself.

Tiny House Bed Ideas

Most tiny homes have a loft as their sleeping quarters. But if you need additional space for a guest bed, or don’t quite like the idea of sleeping four feet off the ground, you can always go for a murphy bed. 

Most murphy beds are custom made, costing around $3,000 on average to install. Although commonly found in small apartments, murphy beds have been slowly making their way inside tiny homes. 

DIY Murphy Bed

Here’s a video that shows you how to make murphy beds from scratch. Justin included a sketch of his own design that should be easy to adjust for your personal use. His design includes some built-in storage and a tiny bedside drawer that’s perfect for holding books and other personal items. 

The Murphy Bed Kit

If you’re not sure where to start, there are murphy bed kits available online. These kits include all the hardware you need to pull off the build. Keep in mind that wood and other big pieces required to make the murphy bed aren’t included.

Piano Bed

old lady opening a piano bed
old lady opened a piano bed

Yup, you read that right. An old-school piano frame that converts into a full-size murphy bed. This bed is part of a Victorian-inspired tiny house on wheels. Shorty’s piano-murphy bed comes with secure latches to make sure it doesn’t fall down while they’re on the road.

Wall Bed With Desk

Another genius take on the stow away bed is this bed-desk duo. In the day, both can be collapsed into the wall to free up some space, and taken out individually depending on what you need. 

It’s an easy way to add a working area/dinner table for your family, and a guest bed when you need it. You can also leave the bed out to serve as an extra bench when you have friends and family over. You can get this cool furniture from Resource Furniture. 

Folding Bed With Shelf Space

Source: https://www.bedstar.co.uk/jaybe-royal-single-folding-bed.html

Don’t let your tiny house ruin your plans of having friends and family over. With a rollaway convertible bed, you can confidently welcome house guests, without having to worry about being a lousy host. 

The cool part about this bed is that it the headboard actually folds up into some counter space. You can just roll this next to your sofa or tuck it in between pieces of furniture to make use of the surface, and convert it into a bed when you have people over. 

Cabinets, Tables, and Shelves, oh My!

Mirror with Hideaway Accessory Rack 

Source: StorageEase

Think medicine cabinet but bigger and better. The best part about this jewelry organizer is it can store non-jewelry stuff like socks, small cables, small tools, necktie - you name it! Store little things here and there that are bound to get lost and never lose them again. 

The cabinet door also has a safety lock so it won’t swing open when you hit a bump on the road. Super easy to hang and is a must-have for anyone who’s willing to downsize on anything but the nice, shiny things. Here’s an affordable one from Amazon

DIY Chair Ladder

Source: TreeHugger

This folding chair ladder is a great addition to any tiny house. It’s perfect for reaching the back shelf of your top pantry or as an extra seat for a house guest. This furniture in ladder mode also stands out as a pretty shelf. You can keep it next to your bedside where you can conveniently place some personal items: a book, your reading glasses, maybe a succulent or two, and a nightlight. 

We found a DIY alternative that’s just as good as the original thing:

You can get the printable instructions here

Carolina Chair has a ladder chair that would look perfect in any cabin. This dark chestnut chair ladder is bound to make any tiny house feel cozy. 

Multipurpose Shelf-Storage

Source: https://www.wearefound.com/laundry-hamper-for-clothes/

You can place it under or next to the bathroom sink, doubling as a surface where you can place your toiletries, and a hamper underneath that can store dirty clothes. 

What we like about this piece is that it works in other parts of the house. Use it as a shelving unit in the living room and place extra clothes, throw pillows, and other items inside the bin. 

Place it next to the door and you’ve got an entryway piece that can store umbrellas, shoes, clothes, as well as keys and other items on the top. Its versatility makes it an awesome piece of tiny house furniture. Order yours here

Storage + Dining Table

Source: Pinterest

Furniture that seemingly disappears into the room is part of what makes versatile furniture so charming. This compact dining/storage unit is a great addition to any tiny house that likes open spaces and is in dire need of some extra storage.

Because of the size, it looks like an adequate size for a console. But to save yourselves the hassle of moving the TV every single time, we’d keep the entertainment system mounted on the wall, leaving this furniture as a storage unit. Come dinner time, you can easily move the table and enjoy a nice meal. 

The proportion of this furniture also makes it a great working desk. We’d place it near a socket so your laptops and other devices can charge while being stored in one of the boxes. 

See man amazing pieces of furniture here.

Chalkboard Collapsible Table


Who would have thought you could have a dining table attached to your wall? In the day it’s practically invisible and hides in plain sight as a chalkboard. Having this mounted means you don’t have to worry about taking up more floor space than you should. Install this close to your kitchen to serve as a collapsible dining table.

This particular fold-out convertible desk is also a perfect size for working. Just bring it down whenever you need to work on your project or reply to some emails, and let it disappear into the wall again when you’re done. 

DIY Raising Coffee Table

Source: Ana White

Want a versatile table that’s a bit more permanent? Ana’s DIY coffee table can be raised and transformed into a comfy dining table for four. Tiny house furniture like this is a resourceful way of using space you already have and transforming it into something else entirely. You can find Ana’s instructional videos and project plans here or you can get a similar store-bought version on Amazon

DIY Magnetic Rack 

Source: The Organized Home

Magnetic racks are a cool way to display tools, utensils, and knives on your walls. The awesome thing about this kind of tiny house furniture is that it’s 100% easy to make, and it means one less thing to worry about when packing for road travel. 

You can choose between wood (pictured) or metal magnetic racks. You can install it in the kitchen as a knife rack. Another way of using it is by placing one next to your entryway to hold things like keys and other knick knacks. This easy DIY version will show you how to make one. 

Bike Rack

Source: Knife & Saw

Here’s something for the adventurous tiny house owner. This wall-mounted bike rack is a nifty space saving solution for your bike. This little shelf rack can lift your bike off the ground and store it away, while providing extra storage for your house. You can order one from Knife & Saw or Amazon

Stool, Side Table, Pet Bed

Source: World Design Guide

We’ve got something special for tiny houses with pets. This truly versatile tiny house furniture is an inconspicuous side table, pet bed, and stool in one. Its small frame ensures that it won’t be intrusive and take up too much space. You can store it next to your couch or next to your bed as a lampstand.

DIY Modern Shelf-Rack

Source: Pinterest

This idea for a wall mounted shelving unit is pretty inspired. Zemberek Designs did one for a shoe store in Istanbul, Turkey. Instead of having racks on racks of metal shelves, Zemberek installed individual wooden panels that can be flipped when needed. It’s a rustic modern design that disappears into the wall and gives any tiny house some extra flair when not in use. 

Want to try your hand at making this convertible wall storage? Check out this video on how to build a modern coat rack.

DIY Sink Cover/Chopping Board

Source: Create Good Sinks

This is technically not tiny house furniture, but we think it could still save you a lot of headache in the kitchen. Cooking in a small space can get messy and disorganized pretty quickly. We recommend that you take advantage of that extra sink space and convert it into usable counter space, making dinner plans a whole lot more manageable. 

You can make your own with a couple of board panels. Just watch our resident RVers do the job here. Or you can buy a similar one from Amazon, with a built-in colander for easy straining.  

Smart Table

Source: Cool Material

Tiny houses are the embodiment of “less is more”. And what better way to fully live out this motto than by getting a table that does it all. 

This smart table features a USB charger so you can plug your phone in and let it charge directly. Have we mentioned that there are built-in bluetooth speakers too? 

Shopping For Tiny House Furniture

When building your tiny house, don’t forget to add space saving furniture into the equation. Tons of tiny houses incorporate their furniture into the build. Just think back to that one Tiny House Nation episode where they build bunk beds as a part of the drywall!

If you don’t have the luxury to do this, you can always be more mindful with your furniture shopping. Keep in mind that functionality, not size, is what makes good tiny house furniture. 

What makes tiny houses special is the amount of thought the owners put into every part of the home. Just enjoy the process while you’re going through it, regardless of whether your stuff is store-bought or handmade. 

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