When you’re living in a tiny home, space is precious. Compared to your kitchen, loft bedroom, or living area, your bathroom is going to be extra tiny. And even though you will need to store plenty of toiletries and other products, you would waste floor space on bulky bins and storage cabinets. Vertical solutions like medicine cabinets are the way to go. 

So how do you choose a medicine cabinet for your tiny house? It doesn’t really matter if you’re having a built-in one or installing a wall-mounted medicine cabinet as long as you take adequate measurements of the available space in your bathroom. You can also choose a vertical bathroom cupboard that doubles as a mirror or can serve as a cool decor piece. 

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Tips on Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For a Tiny Home 

Medicine cabinets and bathroom cupboards may have gone out of style in the last few years but it looks like they’re making a comeback with tiny houses. After all, these wall-mounted organizational tools can really capitalize on vertical space where you might not have a wide countertop or drawers to put toiletries in. 

A bathroom cupboard is an ideal storage space for small products like make-up, perfume, clippers, tweezers, scissors, lotions, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Although they are called medicine cabinets, you shouldn’t store medicine in them as most medicines are sensitive to humidity. 

When shopping for a medicine cabinet, it’s good to measure how much wall space is available to you. Keeping a list of the products you plan to store in the bathroom cupboard can also help you estimate how many shelves you would need. Our other tips are: 

1. Find a medicine cabinet that doubles as a clear mirror. 

Product recommendation: Design House 545111 Wyndham White Semi-Gloss Medicine Cabinet Mirror 

Versatile, multi-purpose storage solutions are the best fit for any tiny house bathroom. A medicine cabinet that doubles as a clear mirror can hang on the wall or behind your bathroom door. It’s much better than having everything on the floor. 

Design House’s 545111 Medicine Cabinet model is the epitome of rustic, shabby chic. The mirror is framed in a decorative white border and opening up the cupboard reveals two adjustable shelves, ideal for housing bathroom products. 

2. Choose a design that fits into a corner.

Product recommendation: Renovators Supply Manufacturing Brushed-Infinity Wall Mount Corner Medicine Cabinet 

If your tiny house bathroom has an awkward layout where you have a corner sink or a bare corner, why not have a bathroom cupboard that fills in that space? With a design solution like that, you hit two birds with one stone. 

The Brushed-Infinity Wall Mount Corner Medicine Cabinet can add a stylish, rustic look to your bathroom. With its stainless steel finish, this corner decor and storage solution doesn’t rust and was built to last. In fact, you might even consider installing this cabinet in the corners of your kitchen or living area. 

3. Look for a cupboard with more storage levels. 

Product recommendation: FURINNO Indo Slim Wall Cabinet 

Some pre-built medicine cabinets have only two storage levels which might not be enough for all the things you’re planning to store in it. Be sure to check that your choice actually provides you with enough storage space.

The FURINNO Indo Slim Cabinet is a perfect example. This wall-mounted cabinet is slim enough to squeeze into your tiny house’s bathroom and comes with an adjustable shelf. It also has a third shelf at the bottom suited for storing rolls of tissues and other toiletries. 

Make Your Tiny House Bathroom Efficient 

Like the rest of your home, your tiny house bathroom should be optimized for efficient, comfortable living. Get creative and find hanging storage solutions to keep all your cosmetics and toilets organized.  

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