The kitchen island is a must-have for any kind of home. This multifunctional piece of furniture also serves as a great kitchen centerpiece with the right design. With a kitchen island in the tiny house kitchen, there’s no need to worry about running out of space or storage when preparing your favorite meals.

So what type of kitchen island is the best option for a tiny house? Kitchen carts with stainless steel, granite, or wood top are excellent choices for tiny house kitchens. Foldable and drop-leaf islands are excellent choices too if you need more working space.

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5 Space-Saving Kitchen Island Ideas for Tiny Houses

1. Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Island

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, which is why it’s a great option for tiny house kitchen islands. This material is invulnerable to rust and different kitchen stains. The non-porous surface allows almost any kind of mess to be wiped clean with just a piece of cloth.

Stainless steel tops are also aesthetically pleasing to any home – it blends well with the different interior design themes, such as industrial, modern, and rustic. Homeowners also have a lot of stainless-steel finishes to choose from like antique matte, hammered, brushed, or mirrored.

Among dozens of stainless-steel top kitchen islands available online, we’ve determined these three to be the best ones:

  1. Liberty Off-White Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top
  2. Ball & Cast Solano 2 Drawer Wire-Brush Rubberwood Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top
  3. Crosley Furniture Cambridge Compact Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Top

2. Granite Top Kitchen Island

Surfaces made of granite always grab the attention of people – even if it’s placed in the kitchen. This elegant and stylish material is also known for its durability, which makes it a great option to include in a tiny house kitchen.

Granite tops don’t easily scratch, but it’s still better to use a cutting board when slicing meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. It’s also crucial to clean up immediately after a spill so that it doesn't seep into the material.

Want a granite top kitchen island for the tiny home? Here are the best ones to find online:

  1. Create-a-Cart Medium Cherry 2 Door Cabinet Kitchen Cart with Salt and Pepper Granite Top
  2. Linon Cameron Granite Top Kitchen Cart
  3. Phoenix Home Granite Top Kitchen Island

3. Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Butcher block is a butcher’s favorite spot for chopping and cutting meat. But now, this material has made its way to different homes across the country. This kind of kitchen cart is made of durable wood that’s ideal for food prep – it’s known to withstand dicing, chopping, and cutting lumps of meat, vegetables, and other ingredients.

But like any other wood product, butcher block islands are susceptible to cracks without the right maintenance. It’s important to apply a coat of mineral oil on the butcher block’s surface at least once a month to lengthen its longevity. Vegetable oils are not recommended because they leave a foul odor on the wood.

Here are our picks for the best butcher block kitchen trolleys to buy online:

  1. Catskill Craftsmen Kitchen Roll-About Cart
  2. Crosley Furniture Marston Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen Cart
  3. Baxton Studio Denver Modern Kitchen Cart/Island with Butcher Block Top

4. Foldable Kitchen Island

Foldable kitchen trolleys were specifically designed to provide more space to a small kitchen, which is why they are perfect for tiny house living too. These kitchen islands are folded flat and stored away in a corner of the kitchen when not in use.

The key to choosing a good foldable kitchen island is its ease of assembly. Owners should be able to put it together in under five minutes without utilizing other tools, such as a screwdriver. It’s also important to choose one that’s not too wobbly when in use.

If you want to have a foldable kitchen island in the tiny house, here are the best options online:

  1. Origami Folding Kitchen Cart on Wheels
  2. Cosco Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart
  3. Honey-Can-Do CRT-01703 Deluxe Foldable Push Cart

5. Drop-Leaf Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great way to acquire more working space when cooking meals. But in a tiny house kitchen, it’s also important that the small kitchen island won’t hinder movements in the room. Most of these tiny house kitchen carts and trolleys are still too small which is why you should consider getting a drop-leaf kitchen island instead.

This kind of kitchen island easily expands by lifting both panels on either side and securing them in place. When choosing a drop-leaf kitchen island for the tiny house, ensure that it won’t interfere with the workspace triangle (the area between the refrigerator, cooking space, and sink).

Here’s a list of the best drop-leaf kitchen islands available online:

  1. Winsome Wood Drop-Leaf Kitchen Cart
  2. Catskill Craftsmen Drop Leaf Utility Cart
  3. Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Island Design for Tiny Homes

With many options to choose from, finding the right kitchen island design for the tiny home might be difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as design, size, and functionality to name a few. To help you pick the best kitchen island, here are a few tips to follow:

Measure the Right Dimensions

The size of the kitchen island depends on the area of the tiny house kitchen. Although this is an essential step, many homeowners still forget to take the exact measurements of their kitchen beforehand. Choosing an island that’s too big may hinder the foot traffic in the kitchen, but one that’s too small might make it look decorative instead of fully functional.

Include More Storage

Tiny house living requires dwellers to make the most out of the available space, which is why it’s better to buy a kitchen island that has drawers, cabinets, and open shelves. They also add style while providing more storage.

Choose Functionality over Style

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a stylish kitchen island without considering how its design might affect their food prep. Although a good kitchen island also adds to the aesthetic value of the tiny house kitchen, it’s important to prioritize its functionality. It should also be placed near the cabinetry, dishwasher, and sink for better movement around the kitchen.

Complete Your Tiny Home Kitchen with the Right Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is an important component of any kitchen – even the tiniest ones. Since most tiny house kitchens don’t have enough floor space for a kitchen island that’s permanently placed in the middle of the room, it’s better to go for moveable or foldable ones.

When choosing a tiny house kitchen island, it’s also important to consider your own cooking habits and the placement of sink, stove, and refrigerator. This allows the optimal use of the kitchen island without getting in the way.

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