Heating systems are essential to any kind of home during winter. But heating a tiny house is different from heating a traditional house. Since many tiny houses live on wheels or off-grid, it’s better to rely on portable gas heaters to provide warmth to the house during cold months.

So what are the best gas heaters for tiny houses? We’ve rounded up six of the best ones to buy online:

  1. Mr. Heater Vent-Free Natural Gas Heater
  2. Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater
  3. Dyna-Glo Wall Mounted Natural Gas Heater
  4. US Stove AGDV12L Ashley Direct Vent Propane Gas Heater
  5. Rinnai FC510N Ventless Gas Wall Heater
  6. Dickinson Marine Newport P9000 Propane Fireplace

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6 Gas Heaters Perfect for Tiny Homes

Mr. Heater Vent-Free Natural Gas Heater

Who Should Buy It: Tiny house owners who want even heat distribution in their home.

This heater utilizes blue flame technology that keeps all the spots in the tiny home well-heated.Install this heater in a safe place away from the curious hands of children or pets to prevent accidents.
The heater comes with legs and wall mount hardware to offer multiple installation options. 

If you want the heat well-distributed in the tiny house, Mr. Heater Vent-Free Natural Gas Heater is the right pick. This gas heater features a blue flame technology to ensure that there are no cold spots in the house.

This device is also considered environment-friendly because it utilizes natural gas. Starting the heater is also easy thanks to the battery-powered electronic ignition. It also has a low oxygen shut-off system that automatically turns the heater off when there are low levels of oxygen in the room.

Product NameMr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT
ManufacturerMr. Heater Corporation
Dimensions23.75” x 11.25” x 27”
Weight26.8 pounds
Heating Capacity30,000 BTU
Heating Area1000 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.6

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater

Who Should Buy It: For tiny house owners who prefer a stylish yet functional gas heater in their home.

This energy-efficient wall heater provides the tiny house with warm air during cold months while cutting down electricity bills.The heater becomes hot after long hours of use, so it’s best to keep the unit of children’s reach.
This heater was created with a glass-ceramic window to show the internal blue flame. It also has a sleek look that makes it one of the best-designed heaters online. 

There’s no need to choose between functionality and style when it comes to wall heaters because the Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater has the best of both worlds. The rounded corners, glass-ceramic window, and grey finishes of the gas heater look great in any room it is placed in.

Even with its stylish design, the Martin Direct Vent Gas Heater doesn’t fall short on heat capacity. Owners can choose between the 11,000 BTU or 20,000 BTU option when heating the tiny house. There’s also no need to worry about the noise because this heater operates smoothly and silently.

Product NameMartin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater Furnace Built-in Thermostat
Dimensions7.1” x 15” x 22.7”
Weight26 pounds
Heating Capacity22,000 BTU
Heating Area400 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.0

Dyna-Glo Wall Mounted Natural Gas Heater

Who Should Buy It: For families living in tiny houses that prefer a quiet and efficient heating system.

This natural gas heater is wall-mounted so there’s no need to worry about saving enough floor space for a clunky heater.The device doesn’t come with a thermostat so owners must adjust the temperature of the heater manually.
This quiet heater won’t disturb the people inside the house when in use.There is an exhaust smell given off by the heater when it’s first used which eventually recedes with continued use.

This natural gas-powered heater introduced by the GHP Group, Inc. is perfect for any home that’s keen on saving as much floor space as possible. The wall-mounted gas heater utilizes infrared technology which allows it to radiate heat to warm objects first instead of the air.

Since this gas heater doesn’t come with a thermostat, owners must adjust the knob on the device to fit their ideal temperature. The control knob has three heat settings: LOW (6,000 BTU), MED (12,000 BTU), and HI (18,000 BTU).

Dyna-Glo Wall Mounted Natural Gas Heater is an excellent choice for off-grid tiny home dwellers looking for a heating solution that won’t take up too much space. It’s also highly efficient since it runs strictly on natural gas.

Product NameDyna-Glo IR18NMDG-1 18,000 BTU Natural Gas Infrared Vent Free Wall Heater
ManufacturerGHP Group, Inc.
Dimensions20.94” x 10.08” x 24.02”
Weight20 pounds
Heating Capacity18,000 BTU
Heating Area700 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.5

US Stove AGDV12L Ashley Direct Vent Propane Gas Heater

Who Should Buy It: For tiny house owners who want a simple gas heater in their homes.

The gas heater doesn’t require a complicated installation process thanks to its simple design.This heater is not a great option for a long-term heating system in a tiny house, which is why it’s better used by owners who don’t stay in colder climates for an extended period.
This propane gas heater is smaller and more affordable than other units available in the market.Since the manufacturer doesn’t have a good customer support service, owners might find it hard to reach them when fixing any defects that the unit might have. It’s better to carefully inspect the heater first before buying and installing it in the tiny house.

If you’re looking for a straightforward gas heater with simple functions, then the US Stove AGDV12L Ashley is the right option. There’s no need to confuse yourself with tons of complicated buttons and features when using this heater – just ignite the device and turn the knob to the desired heating level.

Aside from its simple design and operation, the AGDV12L Ashley is also smaller and lighter than other heater models which makes it the perfect unit to install in a tiny house that only requires occasional heat during the cold months. With a heating capacity of 11,000 BTU, this device heats up to 400 sq. ft. in just a matter of minutes.

Product NameUS Stove AGDV12L Ashley Direct Vent 11,000 BTU Propane Gas Heater
ManufacturerUS Stove
Dimensions7.62” x 20” x 17.3”
Weight33.7 pounds
Heating Capacity11,000 BTU
Heating Area400 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.0

Rinnai FC510N Ventless Gas Wall Heater

Who Should Buy It: For homeowners who don’t want a bulky gas heater placed in the middle of their tiny house.

This heater evenly distributes warm air throughout the house, even to the coldest nooks and crannies.This unit requires a gas pipe and power outlet before installation.
The device is safe to use around children and pets because the exterior is always cool to the touch even when in use. 

Rinnai is a Japanese brand known for its innovative heating appliances equipped in many American homes. As the leading brand for heating solutions, trust Rinnai’s FC510N Gas Heater to keep the tiny house warm during winter months without worrying about high power consumption.

This gas heater also includes safety features that make it ideal to use in tiny homes with pets and children. The exterior of the appliance stays cool to the touch even when operating, so owners won’t worry about accidents caused by curious hands or paws. The control panel also has a lock feature to prevent the kids from messing with the preferred temperature.

The Rinnai FC510N Ventless Gas Wall Heater is an excellent choice for tiny houses thanks to its safety features and modulation technology. This gas heater perfectly heats the home while cutting down the energy bills.

Product NameRinnai FC510 Vent-Free Space Heater
Dimensions3” x 10” x 20”
Weight33.4 pounds
Heating Capacity10,000 BTU
Heating Area475 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.3

Dickinson Marine Newport P9000 Propane Fireplace

Who Should Buy It: Any tiny house owner who doesn't necessarily use a heater everyday, but wants to keep one in case the need arises.

Thanks to its simple design and easy-to-understand installation manual, the Dickinson Newport P9000 is a great option for first-time gas heater owners.This gas heater is not advisable for extremely cold nights because of its low heating capacity. A heavy-duty gas heater works better in heating the tiny house in such situations.
This gas heater is a highly efficient option for tiny homes – a 20 pound gas tank powers the heater for up to 140 hours. 

The Dickinson Marine Newport P9000 Propane fireplace is a functional yet stylish gas heater that perfectly captures the rustic old-school style. Unlike most gas heaters in the market that have a sleek and simple design, the Dickinson Marine P9000 features an old-fashioned aesthetic complete with a stainless-steel backing plate and chimney.

Even if this is the first gas heater you’ve ever owned, assembly and installation is a breeze thanks to the informative user manual. Although it has a significantly lower heating capacity compared to other gas heaters, the Dickinson Marine P900 doesn’t fall short in terms of thermal efficiency. A full 20 lbs propane tank heats the tiny house for a total of 140 hours.

This stylish and functional gas heater is best used in tiny houses located in areas with moderate climates because the heating capacity might not be enough for extremely cold temperatures. For a decent gas heater that occasionally provides heat during cold nights, the Dickinson Marine Newport P9000 is definitely the right choice.

Product NameDickinson Marine Newport P9000 Propane Fireplace
ManufacturerDickinson Marine
Dimensions5.5” x 8.5” x 14”
Weight22 pounds
Heating Capacity4500 BTU
Heating Area600 sq. ft.
Average Amazon Score4.7

Heating Your Tiny House with Gas Heaters

What Makes Gas Heaters the Best Pick?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to portable heaters for a tiny house. You can pick between wood-burning, gas, or electric heaters. But which of these three options is the best one?

Many homeowners like the idea of getting cozy near a wood-burning heater, but they tend to forget the work it takes for a wood stove to start producing heat. Wood stoves are also generally bulky – even if the small ones might still take up too much floor space in the tiny house.

For people who don’t like getting their hands dirty by preparing a wood stove, an electric heater may sound like a viable option because it only needs to be plugged into a power source. However, the biggest challenge when it comes to electric heaters is that they don’t produce enough heat and they are expensive to run. They are not exactly a practical pick for tiny home dwellers living off-grid.

On the other hand, a gas heater provides a reliable source of heat. This cost-effective type of heater is also environment-friendly and has a higher efficiency rating than electric stoves. Gas heaters also come in portable options, which make them the best choice for tiny house owners looking for a reliable heating system.

Types of Gas Heaters

Here are are three main types of gas heaters and how they work in warming the tiny house:

  • Catalytic Gas Heater – This type of gas heater is flameless and relies on chemical reactions to produce heat. A catalyst combines oxygen and natural gas to ignite at low temperatures without the need for a flame. This gas heater makes temperature control easier because owners manipulate the amount of natural gas that reacts with the oxygen.
  • Forced Air Heater – This kind of gas heater distributes heat around the house through forced air. When the mixture of natural gas and oxygen ignites and produces heat, the forced air distributes the heat around the house.
  • Radiant Heat – This type of gas heater utilizes electromagnetic radiation to ensure that heat is evenly distributed around the house. Instead of a flame, it has tubes, filaments, or ceramic heat exchangers to distribute the heat created by the gas and oxygen’s reaction.

What to Look for in a Gas Heater

Here are a few features to consider when looking for a gas heater for a tiny house:

  • Portability – When heating a tiny house, you’d want to get a portable heater that won’t take up much space. The heater should be moveable from one area of the house to another – wherever the heat is needed. This allows you to heat different rooms without wasting energy.
  • Safety Feature – Natural gas is harmful when mixed with oxygen, which is why it’s crucial to buy a heater that keeps the gas and oxygen levels in check. The heater must have an automatic shut-off system that gets triggered in case of a leakage or low oxygen levels in a room.
  • Heat Output – Another important aspect of a gas heater is its heat output or capacity. It tells how much heat is produced by a gas heater. Gas heaters with high heat output tend to be more expensive but getting a heater with low heat output might be insufficient for heating the entire house.
  • Cylinder Capacity – Gas heaters come with cylinders to hold the natural gas it burns. These cylinders must be refilled every now and then, which is why it’s better to buy a gas heater with a sufficient cylinder capacity. This allows you to make fewer trips to the store just to buy natural gas for the heater during cold days.

Keep Your Tiny House Warm and Cozy with Gas Heaters

A gas heater is a must-have for any tiny house, especially for those living off-grid. Aside from keeping the tiny house warm and cozy during the cold months, it also helps owners save more money by cutting down the electricity bills by a significant amount. Make sure that you’re well-informed about gas heaters first to create better buying decisions for the tiny house.

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