You can buy almost anything online, even a tiny house. Believe it or not, tiny houses can be bought online, shipped to you in boxed packages filled with the materials and instructions to put the house together on your own.

If you just want the tiny house lifestyle experience without too much of the construction experience, this might be your perfect choice.

Here are our top picks for cheap tiny house kits on the market today, accounting for price and quality:

  1. Vermont Cottage
  2. Arched Cabin Pre-Made Kits
  3. Artisan Tiny House on Wheels Kit
  4. Lillevilla Escape Wood Cabin
  5. BZBCabins Lakeview Cabin
  6. The Countryside

What is a Tiny House Kit?

A tiny house kit is an unassembled tiny house that you buy as a package and put together yourself. This gives tiny house enthusiasts the experience of building their own tiny house without the steep learning curve required to construct a tiny house from scratch.

For those who choose to go with a kit instead of learning how to build a tiny house scratch, the most difficult choice involved is deciding which kit is best for you.

Aside from the ease of building straight from a kit, another great advantage from using a kit is that it can often be much more affordable, as buying the entire house together as an unassembled package cuts costs for the manufacturer. This means that for people who are looking for the most cost-effective option, a kit can be a great option to choose.

Should I Buy a Tiny House Kit Instead of Building a Tiny House?

Deciding on whether you should go with a kit or a tiny house built from scratch depends on what you want out of your tiny home experience. For some enthusiasts, the build itself is a huge part of the experience. Learning exactly what goes into putting together a home and just knowing that you’ve built your home from scratch is a major selling-point for most in the tiny home community.

For others, the build doesn’t matter so much. After all, building your tiny home might just take a few weeks or months; the living itself can last for years if not decades. If you are interested in tiny homes more for the lifestyle rather than experience of planning, designing, and customizing your own home, then a kit might be the better option for you.

It should also be noted that most kits are meant for a foundation, rather than tiny homes on wheels. It can be much more difficult to find an affordable kit meant for a trailer, so if you are looking for tiny homes on wheels, a kit may not be right for you.

Finally, remember: a kit only includes less than half of the work involved in putting together a tiny home. You will still need to figure out how to turn your structure into a livable home, with necessities like plumbing, and electricity, and more.

Pros and Cons of a Tiny House Kit

You can build your tiny home in a fraction of the timeYou don’t get the chance to personalize and customize the design and build of your home
You don’t have to worry about all the individual materials involvedYou are stuck with a set of materials and don’t have much wiggle room to change them
A lot of the work is streamlinedThere will still be additional work needed after you have put the kit together
It can be a lot more cost-effective to buy everything as a single packageMost kits are meant for a foundation, not a trailer, meaning they’re not so great if you want wheels

Our Top Affordable Tiny House Kits

Vermont Cottage


Best Price: $12,839

The Vermont Cottage is an all-time favorite in kits made by tiny homes builder, Jamaica Cottage Shop. They make their kit as simple as possible with numbering and color-coding, meaning even if you’ve never worked with your hands before, you can probably successfully put together the Vermont Cottage.

This kit features a single room with a front porch, as well as a sleeping loft and all the basics you would need in a tiny home. While they offer three different sizes for their pre-cut kits, the most affordable package is for the 16x20 ft home, coming in at $12,839.

Arched Cabin Pre-Made Kits


Best Price: $7,260

The Arched Cabin designs aren’t what you would typically think of when envisioning tiny homes; on their own sites, they say that their cabins are best used as hunting lodges, storage sheds, guest house, or just places to sleep. But with the right tweaks, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be converted into the perfect tiny home.

The most affordable price they offer is $1320 for an 8x8 ft home, although it is little more than a shell of a home with none of the features you need to live in it. For a 12x24 ft home with the necessary upgrades for a proper DIY build, you can purchase it for just $7260; more if you want one with a greater square feet area. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can opt for the wider cabins at 16x24 ft for just $8850.

Artisan Tiny House on Wheels Kit


Best Price: $12,000

If a tiny home on a foundation is not for you, Artisan Tiny House offers a great tiny home on wheels kit with the trailer include, with the possible option of customizing the trailer if needed. It offers all the basics you would want from tiny homes on wheels, including lightweight and eco-friendly structural insulated panels.

Like other kit manufacturers, their price depends on the size you choose. At the smallest option of 133 square feet, you can get the kit for just $12,000.

Lillevilla Escape Wood Cabin

Best Price: $4,690

The Lillevilla Escape, 113 square foot cabin by Allwood is a great way to dip your toes in the tiny house experience without too much of an investment. This is definitely one of the most affordable complete home kits on the market, coming in at just $4690.

So what do you get with the Lillevilla Escape kit? A 113-square foot cabin made completely of wood, with its own porch. While this is definitely an inexpensive choice, it also requires you to do a lot of other work as you outfit the house to truly be tiny house livable.

BZBCabins Lakeview Cabin

Best Price: $7,850

If you want a pleasing wood cabin like the Lillevilla Escape but you need a bit more inside space, then you might like the Lakeview Log Cabin kit from BZBCabins. This kit makes building a log cabin easy, with inclusions such as doors, wall logs, windows, boards, floor joists, as well as all-complete instructions to get you through the build.

And at just $7850, it’s more than a fair deal. With 209 square feet inside the home and a height of nearly 12 feet, this is one kit that won’t make you feel squeezed once inside of it.

The Countryside


Best Price: ~$7,000

The Countryside is a favorite when it comes to house kits – a beautiful layout, a great exterior design, and enough space at 203 square feet to make you forget you’re in a tiny house (and maybe even install a home office).

Built on a steady steel trailer with wheels, this is the ideal kit for those looking for mobile living. Depending on the upgrades and features you include, the kit comes in at a surprisingly low price tag of $7000. Why wouldn’t you get this kit?

Tiny House Kit – The Tiny House Experience Without the Expertise

Tiny house living should be for everyone who wants it, which is what makes the kit option so great – you don’t have to become an expert builder just to try your hand at putting together your own tiny home.

Whether you are looking for one with a foundation, one with a trailer, or a tiny house with whatever features you might need, there are tons of builders that can include your custom needs.

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