You’ve probably seen #boho while scrolling through your Instagram feed or reading articles about celebrities rocking the bohemian trend. But what exactly does it mean to be bohemian? And how can you incorporate this style into your tiny house decor? Tiny House Bloom is here to help you understand the ins and outs of tiny living, bohemian style!

What Is The Bohemian Style? 

The bohemian style is widely considered to be a free-spirited and exotic way of decorating your living space. Oftentimes, this means that no two rooms look alike -- each area has its own eclectic collection of colorful furniture and interesting items on display. 

Bohemian styles advocate a “more is more” philosophy. While minimalism prioritizes function over form, the bohemian aesthetic goes the opposite direction. Bohemian decorations are slightly worn, vintage pieces such as family heirlooms, handmade crafts, or travel souvenirs. The only rule bohemian decorating follows is that each item should tell a story. 

Bohemian decorating is usually adopted by people who live an unconventional but vibrant life: travelers, writers, actors, and artists. These individual thinkers embrace fun when they decorate, incorporating objects, colors, and patterns from all over the world. 

14 Boho Products Perfect For Your Tiny Home 

Love the bohemian look but unsure how to get started? Don’t worry about it! We found 14 products that are sure to inspire bohemian sensibilities in tiny home owners everywhere. 

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Colorful rugs and carpets with exotic patterns work as statement pieces for your tiny house. Even with a limited space, you can place one or two on the floor to give your living space a pop of personality. Here are three of our favorite throw rugs: 

  1. Modern Bohemian Style Small Area Rug
  • Price: $22.99
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.8
  • Top Review: “If you’re on the fence about buying this rug, just do it!! It’s gorgeous! The perfect addition to my guest bathroom. Looks just like the photo! Also it came packaged so beautifully.” - Laura Labunski

This 2’ x 3’ ft. rug is the perfect size for any tiny living space. With its naturally-dyed colors, this rug is sure to be a vibrant addition to any room in your tiny house. One great bonus is that it’s also reversible, so you can flip the rug over to display a different pattern. 

  1. Hand Braided Accent Rug
  • Price: $38.99
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.4
  • Top Review: “For the price this rug is outstanding. Love the bright colors and it makes me smile.” - Susan Luke

Braided with natural fibers, this multi-colored accent rug can add life to your tiny home. The brilliant reds, purples, blues, pinks, yellows, and oranges will easily brighten your space and help you achieve the boho look. 

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a good way to express your bohemian flair, even in a tiny house. You won’t occupy a lot of storage space when you hang tapestries, photos, curtains or art. If you prefer not to have too many trinkets on your walls, hanging plants can work well too - they look very natural and can improve the air quality in your tiny home. 

  1. Macramé Woven Wall Hanging 
  • Price: $16.99
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.7
  • Top Review: “Absolutely love this! I'm even buying another for my sister because she loves it so much. Well priced, perfect size, and the seller is truly genuine and cares about customer satisfaction. Can't say enough good things I'm so happy with my new wall hanging!” - Gabriella

Macramé art really brings a chic, boho look to any space and this wall hanging is a great example of that. Its intricate design was meticulously handcrafted, so you can be sure of its quality. 

  1. Macramé Plant Hangers
  • Price: $15.99
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.7
  • Top Review: “Product is made from cotton and is better for in home use but I have them both under my Gazebo. I love them! I am issuing a 7” it in them with no drainage holes as it is fairly warm out.” - JoyH

This vintage-inspired macramé plant hanger is made of 100% pure cotton cord, so it’s strong and durable. Place a cute pot with your favorite indoor plant in the hanger and see how a little bit of natural greenery can brighten up your tiny house.

  1. Moon Decor Wall Decorations
  • Price: $24.99
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.7
  • Top Review: “Perfect piece to finish my room remodel! It has beautiful little circle details on it. The packaging was really cute and it looks amazing above my bed. Sounds like a wind chime when the pieces hit together.” - Natalie

Bring a bit of the natural world into your tiny home with this decorative garland that features the phases of the moon. Each product is unique as it is handmade with hammered metal moons and iron chains. Your wall would look boho glam with this piece. 


Boho-inspired furniture is often relaxed and comfortable. Think chaise lounges, daybeds, and plush chairs. You can also place colorful throw blankets on your sofa to achieve this effect. If you’re having visitors over, cover your floor with rugs and pillows for a truly bohemian experience. 

  1. Bohemian Ottoman Pouf Decor 
  • Price: $16.00
  • Average Amazon Score: 3.8
  • Top Review: “Just beautiful! I was very surprised by how nice this is. All the details, vibrant colors, the trim and tassels! I'll be ordering one or two more for my other rooms and probably some for gifts! I ended up filling it with 2 overstuffed king size pillows and a large blanket! I was amazed by how much I could fit in this! The pictures really don't do it justice! Love this!!!” - Dee Dee

Don’t be fooled by this ottoman: Although it only looks like a decorative piece, it can actually fit a lot of linens, blankets, and pillows. Any furniture that also serves as storage space is always an excellent choice for tiny home owners. The elaborate design and colors make this a stunning boho piece for any room. 

  1. Bohemian Storage Accent Entryway Bench
  • Price: $199.37
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.7
  • Top Review: “Great piece. Super cute. Well made. Perfect to cheer up a room. Love it.” - H.S. Mack

This entryway bench comes in a vibrant blue color and floral print that matches the bohemian look really well. It also includes a storage compartment for easy decluttering. It’s a piece that would fit great in the living room area of your tiny house.


Bohemian lighting is very calm and ambient, which is why it’s important to go for lamps, lanterns, and floor lamps instead of overhead fixtures. If it’s easier for you to install overhead fixtures, you can still find bohemian-inspired lighting or opt for a chandelier for a dramatic effect. 

1. Mosaic Glass Lamp Light 

  • Price: $43.13
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.6
  • Top Review: “I bought one of these a few months ago (the one that's mostly browns and ambers), and I am still thrilled with it. It really is stunningly beautiful. I turn it on in the evening, after the sun's gone down, and it transforms my work-a-day living room into a mysterious, exotic indoor grotto infused with an unusual, enriching kind of peacefulness. Hard to describe. I absolutely love it.” - Kathleen Lourde

This handmade Turkish mosaic lamp light would definitely add a little whimsy to your tiny home. The beautiful design and vivid colors are sure to add bohemian style to your living space. 

2. Rattan Ceiling Light Pendant 

  • Price: $48.01
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.3
  • Top Review: “Wow these are AMAZING! You can’t beat the price. Highly recommend!” - Nicole

Materials like rattan can add an earthy, natural feel to your tiny home. This ceiling light will look elegantly bohemian without taking up too much storage space. It would most likely look best hanging over your dining table. 

Statement Pieces and Accents

If you’re still not sure if you want to go boho, begin by introducing smaller pieces and accents into your tiny house. Small details such as your pillows, cushions, curtains, and blankets can give a bohemian touch to your tiny home.

1. Vintage Flowers Pattern Canvas Print Wall Art 

  • Price: $33.03
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.6
  • Top Review: I hung these up in a rounded alcove seating area in my bedroom. They are light enough that I could just use commands hooks. Given the round wall a normal full size painting would not hang properly, so this arrangement gives the wall space some much needed color” - Taco

Modern abstract art will look fantastic on the walls of your tiny home and give it a bohemian vibe. This set of four prints are 14 x 14 inches in size, but you can arrange them separately or place them in different rooms. They also come with wall hooks so they are ready to hang. 

2. Bohemian Thread Blanket

  • Price: $69.00
  • Average Amazon Score: 5.0
  • Top Review: “Excellent!!! Shipped fast, save packing. Beautiful blanket. I'm very satisfied.” - Darja 

This lovely knit bohemian throw blanket is made with 100% cotton. It’s reversible and multipurpose. You can use it as a blanket, cover your couch with it, or add it to a pile of boho rugs on the floor. 

3. Braided Placemats

  • Price: $17.98
  • Average Amazon Score: 4.4 
  • Top Review: “They’re very pretty. They look like when you cut a tree trunk hehe. The only thing I didn’t like is that they were packed folded in half which made it difficult to straighten them out.” - Tessa Lopez

These 15-inch placemats will add a boho vibe to your dining table. Each order comes with six pieces and you can choose from a wide range of colors. They are easy to clean, plus you can either roll them up or stack them to store away. 

Tips For Bohemian Tiny House Decorating 

Bohemian tiny house

How can you tell if the pieces you’re choosing are boho enough? Keep an eye out for some of these traits that can help you spot fabulous bohemian pieces easily:

  • Colors: A warm and earthy palette of browns, reds, yellows and oranges work best with the bohemian aesthetic, especially when they are combined with metallics or jewel tones. 
  • Materials: Bohemian style allows you to mix and match materials like burlap, silk, and chenille. Look for fringe, crochet, macramé, and woven items as well for a variety of textures.
  • Patterns: Exotic prints and dyed fabrics are perfect to complete the boho look. Don’t be afraid to try eye-catching or mismatching patterns with each other. 

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