There’s nothing more relaxing than coming into your tiny house out of the harsh cold and feeling the crisp, warm air surround you while listening to the crackle of a fire burning in the stove.

For many tiny house homeowners, their choice for heating is the wood burning stove, and it’s no surprise why. Easy to fuel, simple when living off-grid, and sustainable and energy-efficient, the wood burning stove is the ideal companion for a tiny house with heating needs.

What are the best small wood burning stoves available, and how can you compare them? Here are the 8 best small wood burning stoves for tiny houses you can buy today:

  1. Dickinson Newport
  2. Pleasant Hearth WS-2417
  3. Napoleon S1
  4. Osburn 900
  5. Model 21 Buck Stove
  6. Vogelzang TR001 Defender
  7. Dwarf 3KW
  8. Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood Stove

Why Wood Burning Stoves Are Perfect for Tiny Houses

There are a few heating options available for tiny houses, so why choose the traditional wood burning stove? Simply put, heating is heating, and sometimes the most elegant solutions are the most traditional ones. In this case, it comes down to burning wood.

Here are some of the pros and cons of wood burning stoves:

Their elegant design creates a homey atmosphereYou must install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home
They are perfect for off-grid situationsDifferent woods burn differently, so it can be sometimes difficult to maintain consistency
You can source your own wood, with wood being both sustainable and renewableYou will have to chop the wood and tend the fire, meaning more work
Top wood stoves on the market are EPA certified with clearance, proving that they no longer pollute heavily and they burn energy efficientlyYou will have to create or find storage space for wood
Mini wood stoves are cleaner than coal and oil systems 
The fuel is cheap and easily available 

How to Find the Best Small Wood Burning Stove

If it’s your first time searching for the best small wood burning stove for your home, then you might be a bit confused, thinking they all look like the same product. Here are the factors you should look out for to properly compare wood burning stoves:

Heat Output

The heat output is the most important factor you need to consider, because this is essentially how powerful the tiny wood stove is, or how much heat it can pump out. Heat is measured in BTUs per hour, or British Thermal Units per hour; the higher the BTUs, the more heat the wood stove can produce per hour. The simplified conversion of BTUs is one kilowatt for 3400 BTUs.

But how much power do you actually need to heat up your home with efficiency? This will depend on a few factors, including the average climate of your area, the insulation efficiency in your home, and the size of your home.

While insulation can be difficult to calculate, here’s an image that should help you figure out where to start with your heat output needs:

Heating climate zones illustration

Just multiply the total square feet of your house by the appropriate BTUs of your zone, and you should be able to find a good estimate of where to start for your BTU needs. On average, if you have proper insulation with a 400 square foot home, you should rarely need more than 20,000 BTUs.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the wood stove are the next factors you should consider. As some tiny houses are pretty close to their trailer’s maximum carrying weight, you should be wary whenever bringing in a new device weighing 100-300 pounds, which is the normal range for even mini wood stoves.

You also don’t want something too big in size, or else your wood stove is going to turn into an inconvenient pillar in your tiny home very quick. One with enough cubic size for the firebox is important; a smaller cubic sized firebox will mean frequently feeding the fire to keep it alive.

Finally, make sure to have an easy way to secure the wood stove, keeping it steady on the ground as you transport your tiny house on wheels from place to place.

Single Fuel or Multi-Fuel

You will run into the “single fuel” and “multi-fuel” terms while shopping for wood stoves, but what do these mean and which works best? Simple: single fuel wood stoves can only burn wood, while multi-fuel wood stoves can burn other kinds of fuel, such as peat, coal, turf, and smokeless fuels (commonly known as Presto Logs and other products).

These two types of wood stoves also differ when it comes to a grate, or whether it has one or not. Single fuel wood stoves let the wood burn atop ash, while multi-fuel wood stoves are built with a grate to provide the extra airflow that other types will need.

So which should you get? Most of the time you should be fine with a single fuel mini wood stove, however if you want to have more flexibility with your stove (and if wood won’t always be present and available), then a multi-fuel mini wood stove will work best.

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The 8 Best Small Wood Burning Stove for Tiny House Needs: Reviews

1) Dickinson Newport

Who Should Buy It: When space matters more than anything else, and you don’t really plan on facing much cold weather

The smallest wood stove you can find at just 7.88” x 14.7” x 10”Only works well if you just need a bit of heat; won’t keep you warm in a cold winter
Its small size means you can mount it on the wall, place it on the floor, or tuck it safely underneath another fixture of your houseYou can’t see the fire, which some families might want
Family-friendly price while still providing a respectable output of 3000 – 8000 BTUsIts small size can make it a slight danger to knock over if not mounted or planted properly

You asked for small, so we’re giving you small: the Dickinson Newport might be the smallest (yet still effective) wood stove for sale today. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, this wood burning stove can be mounted like a television, saving you that precious floor area for other things.

The Dickinson Newport is the tiny wood stove you get when you just want to have a backup source of heat in case of emergencies. If you live in a place that doesn’t get too cold too often, then the Dickinson Newport is great, because its 3000 – 8000 BTUs running off of anything from wood to charcoal is awesome and efficient for smaller houses.

ProductDickinson Marine 00-NEWSF Newport Solid Fuel Heater
BTU3000 - 8000
Weight12.65 pounds
Dimensions7.88” x 14.7” x 10”
Average Amazon Score4.5

2) Pleasant Hearth WS-2417 (Small)

Who Should Buy It: For families who spend the whole year in cold climates, and need something they can rely on to be efficient

Your heavy hitter wood stove tiny sized, pushing out up to 50,000 BTUsThe weight is quite hefty, especially in tiny houses that might have to think about putting on extra pounds
With this much power, you can heat up even the biggest tiny houses in no time, with this device capable of heating up to 1200 square feetSome buyers have complained about purchasing defective models
Large viewing window, great for the kids to watch the fire burn 

The Pleasant Hearth Small Home Stove is more than just a wood burning stove; it’s a wood burning companion. This device is great for smaller houses that find themselves year-round in the coldest parts of the country, and need something they can rely on no matter how hard the wind blows.

With rear heat shield, large ceramic glass for fire viewing, an air wash system that clears up smoke build-up, and a sophisticated design, the Pleasant Hearth is a great centerpiece of any tiny house experience. Its weight might be a problem for some, however, especially if you are in a relatively smaller house.

ProductPleasant Hearth WS-2417 (Small)
BTUUp to 50,000
Weight277 pounds
Dimensions24.5” x 24.5” x 37.5”
Average Amazon Score3.5

3) Napoleon S1 Wood Burning Stove

Who Should Buy It: If you’re just looking for something straightforward and simple, with a modern, sleek design

Reliable power at up to 55,000 BTUsHeavy weight, can be difficult for smaller tiny houses
Contemporary and clean design with extra large glass viewing area and sleek hidden hinges, great for any modern-styled tiny homeSome buyers have complained about the design of this stove, with sharp edges that make it dangerous for children
Equipped with a handy ash catcher drawer, making it a mess-free stove 

The Napoleon S1 does everything you would want from a wood stove tiny house style, but not much more. It’s a return to the basics while adding in that modern, charming design. If you are in the market for a powerful wood burning stove but don’t want the heaviest device around, the Napoleon S1 might be your match.

With a thick cast iron door, a viewing area in the front, a pedestal base, and a handy ash catcher drawer that ensures a mess-free wood heating experience, the Napoleon does little wrong, making it a great, easy buy.

ProductNapoleon S1
BTUUp to 55,000
Weight240 pounds
Dimensions22” x 25.5” x 32”
Average Amazon ScoreN/A

4) Osburn 900

Who Should Buy It: For those searching for a wood stove that is “just right” – not too powerful, not too weak, not too big, not too small

At 44,000 BTUs, this tiny wood stove is great if you don’t need something too powerful but still strong enough for cold nightsSmaller firebox, meaning you will have to feed it more wood quite often
Lighter and smaller than most other wood stoves on the market, but still respectably sized for heavy duty workWon’t keep you warm in the coldest climates
Can take bigger logs than most, eating logs up to 17 inches longHas an old-fashioned design, which some might not appreciate

The Osburn 900 is the smallest stove that the Osburn wood fueled stove line offers, but that doesn’t mean it’s all for show. Capable of producing up to 40,000 BTUs per hour, the Osburn 900 is great for your 300-400 square foot tiny home. With the kind of classic tiny wood stove design that you just can’t beat, the Osburn 900 is a comfy addition to any tiny house.

Perhaps the best thing about this device is that despite its small size, it can eat logs up to 17 inches long. However, one problem that homeowners may face with the Osburn 900 is its significantly smaller fire box, coming in at just 1.2 cubic feet. This means that you will have to toss in a new log quite frequently, and keeping a fire going all night will mean a few interruptions in your sleep.

ProductOsburn 900 Wood Stove
BTUUp to 44,000
Weight174 pounds
Dimensions20.2” x 23” x 25.8”
Average Amazon Score5

5) Model 21 Buck Stove

Who Should Buy It: No frills wood stove, with a classic look that will look beautiful in any home. Only buy if you can afford carrying the extra heavy weight

A traditional classic designAt 342 pounds, this is the heaviest wood stove on this list
A beautiful, large viewing glass that is almost as big as the front of the stove itselfNo ashpan, making it slightly messier and more work for the user
Superb for keeping your tiny house warm through the nightCan feel clunky, especially compared to more modern mini wood stoves

The Buck Stove Model 21 Wood Stove is as classically designed as you can get, but with the classic look also comes the classic heavy weight: at 342 pounds, this is the heaviest stove on this list. So if the Buck Stove has won you over, make sure your tiny house trailer can carry the extra 350 pounds.

Despite its weight, the Buck Stove Model 21 is wonderful for smaller areas. This smaller model is usually used as a secondary heating device in bigger homes, but in a tiny home it should be more than enough as your sole source of heat, as it is generally recommended for homes that are 800 square feet in size.

ProductModel 21 Buck Stove
BTUUp to 41,200
Weight342 pounds
Dimensions20.25” x 22” x 18.12”
Average Amazon ScoreN/A

6) Vogelzang TR001 Defender

Who Should Buy It: When you want to guarantee that you and your family will stay warm no matter how cold it gets outside, the Vogelzang TR001 is the heavy-hitting tiny wood stove partner you need.

With a heating capacity of up to 68,000 BTUs, you can’t go wrong with the Vogelzang DefenderCan be too powerful if you aren’t dealing with true cold temperatures
Cast iron feed door, heavy gauge reinforced plate steel with fireback lining – this wood stove was made for serious heating 
Adjustable leg setting makes it easy to position and maneuver around the tight tiny house space 

If you’re looking for a wood stove that will keep you and your family cozy in the heart of a freak winter storm in the middle of Alaska, the Vogelzang TR001 Defender is the stove for you. With a massive firebox coupled with an impressively efficient burn design, the Vogelzang is capable of burning for several hours on a single load, pumping out up to 68,000 BTU, enough to keep any sized tiny house feeling like an oven.

With a Vogelzang TR001 Defender in your home, you will never have to worry about cold weather. With a square, cubic design, built with 3/16” reinforced plate steel topped with firebrick lining and a cast iron feed door, the Defender takes the job of heating very, very seriously. We love this wood stove for dealing with those heavy-duty cold nights.

ProductVogelzang TR001 Defender EPA Wood Stove
BTUUp to 68,000
Weight224 pounds
Dimensions21” x 23.5” x 28”
Average Amazon Score4.4

7) Dwarf 3KW

Who Should Buy It: When you need something small, light, and not too powerful, but don’t want something as small as the Dickinson Newport

Small, light, and compact mini wood stove, great for tiny houses that need just a bit of heatingSmall firebox that can only burn wood up to 8” long, so get ready to chop
Burns more than just wood, making it flexible and easy to work withNo clearance by the EPA
Made out of long-term reliable materials, such as cast iron and durable stainless steel 

The Dwarf 3KW is our second smallest wood stove on this list, so for those of you who want light and small but don’t want something extremely light and small like the Dickinson Newport, then the Dwarf 3KW might be your best choice.

Despite its relatively tiny wood stove size, it still packs quite a punch, pumping up to 10,000 BTUs while just weighing 75 pounds. This makes this wood stove the top tiny wood stove for tiny homes around 200 square feet in size that just need a bit of heating.

This device also offers up an awesome view of the crackling fire and has its own air filtration system to stop smoke build-up. However, one downside is its small firebox, meaning it can only handle logs up to 8 inches long and needs to be frequently refilled.

ProductDwarf 3KW
BTUUp to 10,000
Weight75 pounds
Dimensions10.25” x 17” x 8.5”
Average Amazon ScoreN/A

8) Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood Stove

Who Should Buy It: Most tiny house homeowners will love the Hi-Flame Shetland wood stove – it hits the sweet spot with heating needs, in terms of burn efficiency, air control, and of course, heating

Sophisticated air control systems that allow the user to have precise flame controlOnly burns wood, unlike a few other devices on this list, so you will have to make sure to always keep your wood stocked
High-quality materials make up this device, making it both long-lasting and quite effective 
At 21,000 BTUs, this hits the sweet spot that most tiny house homeowners will be looking for 

The Hi-Flame FF905 Shetland Wood Stove is another one of those “just right” mini wood stoves, although many tiny house reviewers of this stove call it the perfect heating companion. The most unique feature this wood stove offers is precise flame control with the primary and secondary air controls.

The efficiency and burn time offered by the Hi-Flame are also quite impressive, and this is mainly due to the cast iron material and insulation brick that it is built with. If you don’t need something too heavy-duty, the Hi-Flame Shetland is great for a tiny house, as it is recommended for living spaces no bigger than 800 square feet. For a 400 square foot tiny home, you will be feeling nice and toasty in no time.

ProductHi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood Stove
BTUUp to 21,000
Weight198 pounds
Dimensions17” x 18” x 24”
Average Amazon Score3.6

Wood Stove Types

catalyctic and non-catalyctic stove
Source: semanticscholar

When searching for a tiny wood stove for your home, it is important that you understand the two major categories of wood stoves. These are catalytic and non-catalytic, and there are a few important differences between how they work.

  • Catalytic: Catalytic wood stoves effectively filter the exhaust from the burned wood through a honeycomb-shaped ceramic catalyst. These wood stoves are typically cleaner, as they can effectively burn away gases and particles, leading to less pollutant-density in the smoke. Vehicles are equipped with a similar technology in the catalytic converter.
  • Non-Catalytic: As you can tell, non-catalytic wood stoves do not have this technology built into them. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely pollutant-friendly; non-catalytic devices have their own methods to reduce pollutants in their exhaust. They extend the combustion time of the fuel with interior baffles, which increase the gases and particles that are burned away before it is released into the air as exhaust.

A Stove That Works for Your Home

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure you find the best stove that heats your tiny house up nice and cozy. Factor in the size of your home, the efficiency of your insulation, and your heating needs according to your average climate. Then consider the size, shape, cubic firebox, and style of the wood stove of your preference.

So: have you found the best wood burning stove for your tiny house?

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