6 Best Gas Heaters for Tiny House

Heating systems are essential to any kind of home during winter. But heating a tiny house is different from heating a traditional house. Since many tiny houses live on wheels or off-grid, it’s better to rely on portable gas heaters to provide warmth to the house during cold months. So what are the best gas […]

5 Best Portable Generator Options for Tiny House

One of the many perks of tiny house living is the reduced utility bills. Since they are a lot smaller than traditional homes, tiny houses typically consume less energy. If the tiny house is off-grid, portable generators make an excellent choice for a stable power source. So what are the best generators for tiny houses? […]

5 Ideal Choices of Kitchen Island for Your Tiny House

The kitchen island is a must-have for any kind of home. This multifunctional piece of furniture also serves as a great kitchen centerpiece with the right design. With a kitchen island in the tiny house kitchen, there’s no need to worry about running out of space or storage when preparing your favorite meals. So what […]

Shopping When Going Tiny: “Must Haves” for Tiny House

Tiny houses only fit so much stuff because of the limited living space, which is why it’s important to only take the essentials when downsizing. Having less stuff inside the tiny house doesn’t mean you’re missing out on a lot of things – by setting the priorities straight, you’ll enjoy life inside a tiny home […]

Power Options For Tiny Homes: Solar Panels, Wind, And Fossil Fuels

Tiny and minimalist homes have seen a rapid rise in popularity, primarily owing to the high prices for renting homes, taxes on properties, and the sharp uptick in utilities. However, one thing that usually worries any potential tiny homeowner is how to supply their home with power. It’s easy for us to take it for […]

Plumbing Options For a Tiny House

A tiny home’s greatest asset is arguably how much control you have over its design. If you’re building a tiny house from the ground up, you get to decide how every single part of it works, right down to utilities. However, it's easy to miss something if you don’t have a lot of experience with […]

Should You Transform a Shed Into a Tiny House?

A medium sized shed can offer 90 - 120 sq. ft. of space, much like an average tiny house.  It’s easy to see why people are inspired to convert their unused garden sheds into a tiny home or living space. And with more and more homeowners doing their own home DIY projects, transforming a shed […]

Building a Septic System For Your Tiny House

Like any kind of living arrangement, living in a tiny house can come with its own drawbacks, like problems with bathroom waste disposal. Most tiny homes utilize composting toilets or portable septic tanks for holding waste, but these will eventually need to be drained -- which can be a messy inconvenience. If your tiny house […]

4 Amazing Tiny House Kits For Under $5000

It’s no surprise that the tiny house movement grows year after year. And with so much popularity comes more options, with manufacturers now selling ready-to-assemble kits that include everything you need to put a tiny house together on your own. Tiny house kits include everything except an electric system; all the wood, hardware, framing materials, […]

The 3 Best Tiny House Microwaves

Living comfortably in a tiny house means having the right kitchen appliances to prepare meals with ease. Alongside a cooktop and a refrigerator, microwaves are a must-have item in any kitchen, allowing you to reheat and cook food quickly. Microwaves are also inexpensive as they use up little energy, making them an ideal kitchen gadget […]

Choosing a Medicine Cabinet For Your Tiny House

When you’re living in a tiny home, space is precious. Compared to your kitchen, loft bedroom, or living area, your bathroom is going to be extra tiny. And even though you will need to store plenty of toiletries and other products, you would waste floor space on bulky bins and storage cabinets. Vertical solutions like […]

The Best Combination Ovens For Tiny Houses

Combination ovens are compact, multi-purpose kitchen appliances that combine the capabilities and functions of an oven and microwave in one. Also known as convection ovens, a combination microwave is really handy for places where full-sized models won’t be able to fit -- perfect for people living in tiny houses.  So what are the best combination […]

How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels

Building a mobile tiny house is one of the major reasons many people choose to go tiny in the first place. A tiny house on wheels (THOW) allows you to take your home with you while you work remotely and travel across the country.  So how do you build a tiny home on wheels? Once […]

Tiny House Framing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Frame Your Tiny House

As with any house, your tiny home will need a skeleton called the ‘frame’, which supports and gives the entire structure shape. Incorrectly framing your tiny home may compromise its strength and cause a lot of damages.  So what are the basics of framing a tiny home? The two areas to focus on are the […]

Best Tiny House Roof Options: Complete Tiny House Roofing Guide

A major part of your tiny house build should focus on roofing, as your roof might be the most important building block of your home, protecting you from harsh weather and keeping your home insulated. Constructing the roof of your tiny house will depend on two things: the structural design and the materials you use […]

Best Tiny House Flooring Options For Building Your Tiny House

Flooring is one of the many details you will have to plan out when building your tiny house, because you’ll need a versatile floor that can work for all spaces and purposes. This can be more challenging than you think, as you have to find a flooring type that is water-resistant, durable, and easy to […]

The Best Lightweight Building Materials For a Tiny House

Building your very own tiny home is an exciting and rewarding experience. When you start planning what your tiny house will look like, you will need to factor in the weight of the construction materials you will be using, especially if the design is for a tiny house on wheels (THOW). Lightweight building materials will […]

The Complete Guide to Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets

As in a traditional home, the kitchen is also a central area for a tiny house. Unlike regular-sized houses, however, tiny homes don’t have the luxury of space to include too many large appliances or a fully countertop. Effective storage solutions such as cabinets can really make a difference for your tiny kitchen. So how […]

A Tiny House With a Downstairs Bedroom: Everything You Need to Know

Most tiny homes feature a loft bedroom to save space on the ground floor. However, sleeping in a loft can be frustrating because it’s so easy to bang your head on the roof or cramp while climbing up the ladder. While a loft bedroom would be ideal, a bedroom downstairs might be more practical in […]

Making the Most of Tiny House Bathrooms

Even though the bathroom is usually the most compact area inside a tiny house, tiny home owners have to dedicate extra attention when building their commodes. It’s challenging to fit all bathroom components into limited square footage and this is why smart design is crucial to building effective, functional tiny house bathrooms.  So how can […]

How to Build a Tiny House Shower

When planning out the bathroom of your tiny house, bathtubs are rarely a good option because it consumes more water and floor space than it should. Showers are the best choice if you want to save on water consumption and open up the room significantly. However, building a shower for your tiny home can be […]

The Best Small Pellet Stoves For Tiny Houses

Many tiny homeowners are going back to the basics, choosing to use wood fire for supplementing their tiny home’s heat source and reduce overall heating costs. Pellet stoves are a popular choice for keeping a home warm. A pellet stove is a sustainable alternative to burning firewood because the pellets are made from a mix […]

The Ultimate Tiny House Registry: Best Gifts For Newlyweds Moving Into a Tiny House

Tiny home owners are in a league of their own. While some decide to downsize to a tiny house out of financial necessity, there are those who pursue tiny living to go off-grid, declutter their lives, and reconnect with nature.  While many tiny homes are probably best suited to singles who can afford to go […]

8 Best Water Pumps for Tiny Houses

One of the biggest challenges for off-grid tiny homes is finding a reliable water source. Even if you find a lake or well, drawing up the water can be a tiring job. That’s when water pumps come into play – they transport pressurized water from the source into the tiny house so that you can […]

8 Tiny House-Friendly Accessories for Your Pets

Most of us treat our pets as part of our family but living with one in a tiny home can present several challenges. With only limited room to roam free, pets are likely to stir trouble inside confined spaces. But by providing their basic needs and some toys to keep them occupied, you and your […]

Multipurpose Kitchen Equipment Perfect for Tiny Houses

Compared to other parts of a tiny home, organizing the kitchen is probably the most challenging task yet. The majority of the appliances in a house are found there. That's why you have to be creative when thinking of ways to fit all necessary tools in a tiny part of the house. One solution to […]

Bohemian Tiny House Home Decor Pieces

You’ve probably seen #boho while scrolling through your Instagram feed or reading articles about celebrities rocking the bohemian trend. But what exactly does it mean to be bohemian? And how can you incorporate this style into your tiny house decor? Tiny House Bloom is here to help you understand the ins and outs of tiny […]

7 Rugs Under $100 Perfect For Tiny House

Rugs are a delight to any home. They make bland rooms comfortable, plus they keep our feet warm during winter. You might be thinking how challenging it is to fit a rug in a tiny house considering the limited space. Get it right and you’ll instantly transform any regular house into your own private sanctuary.  […]

9 Modern Tiny House Designs to Inspire You

Designing your tiny house is one of the most exciting parts of tiny home living. You can build your tiny home yourself or decide to hire a professional tiny house builder. In any case, part of the process is determining what style you want your tiny house to be built in.  There is a wide […]

Best Practices For Easy Grey Water and Black Water Maintenance In Tiny Homes

For tiny houses with a plumbing system similar to a regular house, discarding grey water and black water shouldn’t be a big problem. But if you prefer the tiny house to be off-grid, dumping water wastes might be an issue. So what are the best tiny house greywater and blackwater maintenance practices? Firstly, grey water […]

Home Security for Tiny House Living

Tiny house living is becoming the go-to lifestyle for many newcomers to the world of homeownership. It offers a simpler lifestyle with a chance to travel to different places with your humble abode in tow.  As easy as it is for homeowners to move the whole house around, it’s also easy for burglars to do […]

Portable Projectors: Our Recommendations and a Complete Buying Guide

Pick the right one and you get a nifty little device that instantly turns your wall into a screen, without adding clutter to your house. Not sure which tiny house projector to get for your living room? We rounded up some of the best projectors perfect for tiny house living.  Here are five options with […]

How to Choose Tiny House Appliances: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

Choosing tiny house appliances requires a lot of careful consideration. Unlike shopping for a traditional house, tiny house dwellers cannot simply buy an appliance and assume its power requirements will match with what the tiny house can supply.  Each square foot in a tiny home counts for a lot, so buying a lot of normal-sized […]

Best Kitchen Sink for Tiny House

Since you can’t do a trial-run on sinks, we browsed some of the functional sinks created for tiny homes and picked our favorites. So what are the best kitchen sinks for tiny houses today? Here are our top five picks, all tested and vetted by tiny house owners and builders: Ruvati 15x15 inch Drop-in Topmount […]

How to Elevate Your Tiny House for Cheap with Wallpapers

When it comes to planning the interior design of tiny homes, most experts recommend selecting neutral colors like white and beige. These colors make your home feel a lot more spacious than it actually is. But limiting yourself to this color palette takes away the fun of decorating your home. Luckily, there are wallpapers available […]

7 Tiny House Cooktop Options For a Downsized Kitchen

One of the most exciting parts about moving into a tiny house is choosing the right appliances that match your lifestyle and fit into your tiny home. Luckily for downsizers, there is already a wide variety of gadgets meant for tiny living. Among the most popular tiny house choices are miniature appliances, which were built […]

8 Best Ready-To-Assemble Solar Kits

The tiny house movement has benefited a lot from the advancements in solar energy over the last decade. Solar power systems are more affordable and widely available for tiny homes, making it easier to generate practically free, clean energy.  Tiny houses that are always on the move or prefer to stay off the grid will […]

9 Best Dehumidifiers to Keep Your Tiny House Comfortable

A dehumidifier is a useful appliance to have around your tiny home, especially when you have limited ventilation options. Dehumidifiers are designed to extract moisture in the air and maintain a comfortable humidity level, even in small spaces During summer time when you’re trying to get the most out of your cooling systems, opening windows […]

Why Most Tiny House Dwellers Choose Nature's Head Composting Toilet (Detailed Review)

Your first reaction when learning about a compost toilet might be disgust, but they’re actually the preferred toilet for a growing number of tiny house homeowners. People who are familiar with modern compost toilets understand that these are the best toilet designs for tiny homes for a number of reasons. And perhaps the most popular […]

Going Tiny? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Test Your Tiny-Readiness

A lot of people want to join the tiny house nation for a number of reasons. Maybe they want to save more money, travel around the country, or embrace a more eco-friendly, minimalist lifestyle. As great as these reasons sound, tiny house living might not be the best choice for everyone.  So how do you […]

12 Expert Tips for Downsizing Your Possessions

Moving to a tiny house requires a lot of adjustments, but the transition doesn’t need to be stressful. Among the major changes you will undergo if you decide on tiny house living is learning how to fit all your possessions in your new space.  Downsizing is the process of being mindful of your possessions and […]

8 Best Vent Free Propane Wall Heaters: Model Comparison & Purchasing Tips

Living in a tiny house is great, but you will definitely do some things differently than you would in a regular house. One thing that becomes a little more challenging is keeping your tiny house warm. Because many tiny houses are built for travelling, you will need to find a way to heat your house […]

Tiny House Air Exchange Systems

Here’s an important question you might not have considered: how do you keep your indoor air fresh in your tiny house? Do you simply keep the bathroom exhaust fan on, or do you have a better way to turn stale air into fresh air? What about pollutants, toxins, and carbon monoxide that might be in […]

Top 6 Super Small Tiny House Ovens

Fitting tiny houses with the perfect appliances can be one the biggest challenges of the tiny house experience, because you have a million things to consider: size, budget, appearance, functionality, and more. Today we’re going to discuss a must-have in all tiny houses and their appliances: super small ovens. So what are the best tiny […]

Tiny House Library: How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook In Your Tiny Abode

Having a full library is a luxury, even in traditional-sized homes. These cozy spots are even more luxurious in tiny homes, where every square inch is dedicated to something more functional like a kitchen or a living room.  Despite the fact that tiny homes are under 500 square feet, there’s no reason why you can’t […]

Tiny Houses and the Homeless - Can This Be an Effective Response to Homeless Crisis?

While we battle with the viral pandemic around the world, the US is dealing with another crisis – the growing issue of homelessness across the country. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 17 out of every 100,000 people in the country could be considered homeless as of January 2019. This represents a number […]

Best Location Independent Jobs Perfect for Tiny House Living

For many who jump into the tiny house community, the dream involves driving your tiny house on wheels around the country, being in one state one day and another state the next day, and just enjoying the endless road for as long as you can. But for those of us without huge savings on-hand, your […]

How COVID-19 Has Helped the Tiny House Movement

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on the world – millions have lost their jobs, millions have gotten infected, and millions more are trapped in their homes, waiting out as we try to flatten the curve. But there are a few silver linings throughout all this, particularly when it comes to the tiny house […]

Can Tiny Homes Withstand Hurricanes?

Florida is one of the more tiny house friendly states in the US, but past disasters like Hurricane Irma can make you think twice about living in one. For the most part, builders focus on things like insulation and siding material to protect their homes from rain, heat, and snow, with a tendency to overlook […]

How to Earthquake Proof Tiny House

One of the first things people ask us when we talk about tiny houses is: are tiny houses safe from earthquakes?  Tiny houses are just like any other home. They are designed with the same sturdy building materials and use similar standards for building in a bigger home. But if your tiny house is built […]

Space Saving Dining Tables for Tiny House

Dining tables take up a lot of space, and in a house as small as a tiny home, sometimes you’d have to bend over backward trying to fit this in an already limited space.  The dining area is typically one of the more prominent focal points in traditional homes. But with such limited space, you […]

7 Reasons Why Your First Home Should Be a Tiny House

With rising housing costs, it makes sense to look at alternative ways of homeownership. Thanks to the tiny house movement, more and more people are discovering that you can proudly own a home while enjoying a debt-free life.  We have covered a wide variety of topics on this site, including why tiny homes are a […]

Skoolie Bus Guide: Steps to Convert a School Bus into a Tiny House

School buses are great for a lot of things, particularly hauling dozens of students around the neighborhood. But here’s one application of school buses that more and more people have been doing over the last few years: converting them into tiny houses. So how exactly do you turn a school bus into a tiny house […]

Is a Tiny House a Good Investment?

While many people join the tiny house community to be a part of the minimalist, small-living lifestyle, there are others who are looking at this excitement as an interesting investment opportunity. That’s why we often get the question from our readers, “Should I invest in a tiny house?” So are tiny houses profitable investments? If […]

Can You Retire in a Tiny House?

The tiny house movement has captured the attention of countless homeowners looking for alternative ways of living all over the world, and one demographic that has really been going tiny the last few years is retirement-aged couples. So that leads us to the question: can you actually retire in a tiny house? Of course! Tiny […]

Tiny House Expos and Festivals in 2020

It’s March which means tiny house festival season is upon us! Just a couple of days ago, Tiny Homes Carnival was held for two days in Sydney, Australia with special guests like Bryce Langston of the hit Youtube channel on all things tiny, Tiny House, Big Living, and Tiny House Nation hosts John Weisbarth and […]

Preparing Your Tiny Home For The Winter

Living in the great outdoors can make you feel like you’re part of a survival reality TV show. But it doesn’t have to feel this way. With enough preparation, you can supply your tiny house with the right things before cold strikes. So, how do you prepare a tiny house for winter? Smart insulation, investing […]

How to Stay Productive in a Tiny House

Living tiny but still need to work? Tiny house living might give you the kind of freedom and adventure you would’ve never experienced with a normal home, but one thing you can’t shake off is your work and responsibilities, whether that means writing the Great American Novel or continuing your online business. But how exactly […]

What Are the Parts of a Tiny House Plumbing System?

Tiny house plumbing isn’t as complicated as most people think. For the most part, the components are pretty similar to what you would find in the RV industry and traditional housing. How those components line up depends entirely on how you live. So, how does plumbing work in a tiny house? If you live on-grid, […]

Tiny House Plumbing Basics: How Does Plumbing Work In a Tiny Home

Planning your tiny house’s plumbing system is easy once you figure out your needs.  So, how do you set up plumbing in a tiny home? We recommend setting up both traditional plumbing (with hookups and sewage drains) and mobile options (portable tanks) for your convenience. In this article, we break down the truth about plumbing […]

Best Cheap Tiny House Kits You Can Buy

You can buy almost anything online, even a tiny house. Believe it or not, tiny houses can be bought online, shipped to you in boxed packages filled with the materials and instructions to put the house together on your own. If you just want the tiny house lifestyle experience without too much of the construction […]

20 Awesome Ideas for Tiny House Couches with Storage

Space is a premium when it comes to tiny house living, and the couch might be the biggest piece of furniture that you include in your home. But giving up all that space just for seating can feel wasteful, which is why a lot of tiny homes are fitted with couches that offer storage compartments. […]

Where to Buy Prefab Tiny Houses

Resources on building your own tiny home are so abundant that it feels like anyone can build the house of their dreams. But for those who’d rather leave the building to a professional, buying a pre-built model is always a viable option.  So, where do you buy a pre-built tiny house? The websites of builders […]

Tiny House Stairs VS Ladders

When designing your tiny house, every square inch matters. With only so much space to work with, you want every decision to be the right one. After all, the choices you make in the planning stage of your tiny house build will define the way you and your family live for the foreseeable future. Which […]

How to Get Fast Internet Connection in Your Tiny House

It’s now 2020, and the internet is practically a basic necessity to participate in the modern world. Setting up your internet connection is a piece of cake when living in a regular home – just call your service provider and have them connect a router and modem to their system, and voila! But when dealing […]

How to Build Tiny House Stairs

Nothing says “tiny house” more than the iconic ladder and loft combination. But as more people join the tiny house lifestyle, it’s becoming clear that a ladder may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, particularly when it comes to homeowners with children, pets, or elderly relatives.  In these situations, swapping out a ladder with stairs is […]

Top 5 Tankless Water Heaters for Tiny House Living

Warm showers on cold, frigid mornings is something you never want to give up, no matter how much you might want to live off-grid. In a tiny house setting, a nice warm shower is one luxury that you can’t do away with, which is why tankless water heaters are so popular in the tiny house […]

6 Ways to Incorporate a Tiny Office In Under 500 Square Feet

With many tiny homeowners maintaining an active profession remotely, a home office definitely comes out a necessity. But with such a small space, this often feels like a farfetched luxury.  What if we told you it was possible? We often get asked: can you fit an office in a tiny house? The answer is definitely […]

Exploring Tiny House Financing Options

A tiny house may be a third of the cost of traditional real estate, but even so, not everyone would have enough savings to pay off their dream abode. The good news is that there are funding options available. So, what is the best tiny home financing option? In this article, we discuss everything from […]

Best Washer Dryers for Tiny House Living

One of the most common questions when it comes to tiny house living is – how do you wash your clothes? Like any home, living in a tiny home requires doing your laundry and also having clean clothes, and for many people the best option in a small space is a washer dryer combo. Doing […]

Is It Better to Build or Buy a Tiny House?

People venture into the tiny house lifestyle for a variety of reasons: some do it to save money and cost, others want the experience of DIY labor, hiring builders for a bit of help here and there. But when deciding whether to plunge headfirst in the DIY tiny house challenge or pay the cost of […]

A Complete Guide on How to Set Up Your Tiny House for Vacation Rental

Tiny house popularity and Airbnb vacation rental popularity have exploded together over the last few years, so it’s natural to try to put these two ideas together: make an amazing tiny house vacation rental, list it on Airbnb, and rake in the profits. In this article, we explain everything there is to know about setting […]

Can I Rent a Tiny House Long Term?

You don’t have to buy or build your own tiny house to have a tiny experience. With user-based platforms like Airbnb, you can search for properties other people have built and rent it for the weekend. It’s already a market of its own thanks to the popularity of shows like Tiny House Nation.  If you […]

Rent to Own a Tiny House

Thanks to the tiny house movement, owning your own home and living debt-free doesn’t feel like an impossible dream. But even with reduced rates, dropping $10,000 to $40,000 for your own tiny house build, or $50,000 and up to buy one can be steep for some. At the end of the day, entering a rent […]

Where to Buy Land for Your Tiny House: All Questions Answered

Tiny houses and wanderlust are often put together, and it’s no surprise why: the idea of living on the road and traveling from state to state with your home in tow is the biggest draw for many people who want to get into tiny house living. But there are some of us who want to […]

How to Change Flat Tire on a Tiny House

It can be difficult to say exactly when you might experience your first flat tire on your tiny house, but it will happen eventually. Being prepared for when that happens can be the difference between being stuck in the middle of nowhere with an immobile house on wheels, and fixing the problem in just a […]

How to Park Your Tiny House On Wheels: A Useful Guide

Newcomers to the scene eventually find out that building a tiny house is actually the easy part. Finding your traveling home’s new address? Now that’s where the challenge of owning tiny houses come in. And even after you have found a piece of land to park on, there’s the issue of actually parking your tiny […]

Best Bathtubs for a Tiny House and Where to Find Them

Bathtubs are the one comfort creature that’s a little tough to leave behind when downsizing. Nothing beats a good soak after a long day at work, plus it’s almost a necessity when living with children or pets.  So, how do you fit a small bathtub inside a tiny house? There are different ways to incorporate […]

6 Awesome Examples of Tiny Homes with Slide Outs

Racking your brain on how to get more space in your tiny home? One awesome solution that many tiny homeowners have yet to consider is the slide-out! Build extra several feet along the width of your home and create that living space you’ve been dying to have. Below we’ve compiled six awesome examples of tiny […]

Innovative and Clever Tiny Home Bed Solutions

No part of tiny house living is exactly like regular-house living, and one huge way it’s different is your sleeping arrangements. Whether you choose to have a raised sleeping loft and a DIY loft bed or something else, every tiny house can build its own unique sleeping solution. Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite […]

How to Set Up a Rainwater Catchment System for Your Tiny House

Collecting rainwater for your tiny home simple as leaving out open containers during a rainy day. But if you’re looking for a more integrated solution, the good news is that setting up a rainwater collection system is an incredibly easy DIY project.  So, how do you set up rainwater harvesting for tiny house living? You’ll […]

Best Tiny Dishwashers for Tiny Houses

When you think about tiny houses, space-saving techniques, and kitchens, our minds drift first to the oven or the refrigerator. Rarely do people ever feel like a small space can actually accommodate something as useful as a dishwasher.  In this article, we explore the top dishwasher options for small spaces, as well as some features […]

Where Can I Get Tiny House Building Plans for Free?

Building a tiny house is no joke and requires a lot of planning to get it done. Whether you’re at the conceptualization stage or making finishing touches to your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans can rekindle your passion for building tiny homes. Who knows, you might even pick up a new trick […]

Top 5 Skills Needed to Build a Tiny House

Eagerness. Patience. Discipline. Building a tiny house with the right attitude is exactly what you need for a successful build, but attitude won’t carry the project alone. A tiny house is a huge DIY project and requires various skills and abilities that you might not already have. So what are the top skills you need […]

Top 6 Easy-to-Use Programs to Design Your Own Tiny House

Building a tiny house starts with a plan. Using a tiny house design software can save you time by allowing you to make modifications on the spot.  In this article, we share six of our favorite design software that are especially useful for building tiny houses: Floorplanner Sweet Home 3D HomeByMe DreamPlan SketchUp The Sims […]

How Tiny Houses Support Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is more than just a trend; it’s a shift towards the future. With global crises in pollution build-up, energy and resource wastefulness, and climate change, more and more people are looking into ways to reduce their personal carbon footprint and do what they can to help the world. And one of the best […]

5 Reasons to Choose a Tiny House Over an RV

Tiny homes and RVs are often lumped into the same category because they share the common feature of being travel-friendly. In reality, tiny houses and RVs are completely different from each other, from construction to durability down to how they feel as homes.  So, are tiny homes better than RVs? Taking into account the structural […]

What is the Ideal Height for a Tiny House Loft?

Tiny homes and lofts go hand-in-hand: with so little space, you want to use every square inch available. But to have the right plans, you need to know all your dimensions, from the trailer width to the height of your loft. So how high can the ceiling of a tiny house loft be? When built […]

Tiny House LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting can make or break a home. Even if you build the most comfortable tiny house with interesting and homey design concepts, bad lighting can give the home a permanently uninviting vibe. As the tiny house lifestyle is all about energy-efficient, off-grid, natural living, you will want to fill your home with the most energy-saving […]

The Most Popular Tiny House Air Conditioning Systems

Tiny homes may be small and easy to cool, but don’t think for a second that you don’t need a reliable air conditioning system. Just like with traditional housing, a good AC system can either make your summer nights a breeze or a sweltering nightmare.  So what are the best air conditioning systems for tiny […]

The 8 Best Small Wood Burning Stoves for Tiny Houses: Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s nothing more relaxing than coming into your tiny house out of the harsh cold and feeling the crisp, warm air surround you while listening to the crackle of a fire burning in the stove. For many tiny house homeowners, their choice for heating is the wood burning stove, and it’s no surprise why. Easy […]

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Professional Towing Company?

Moving your tiny house to its permanent (or semi-permanent) location is the final step of the build process. With the rising popularity of tiny houses, finding a reputable towing service might not be as hard as you think. So, how much does it cost to tow a tiny house? Towing services generally quote $1 to […]

What Vehicles Can Tow a Tiny House?

Whether you are still planning your tiny house, building your tiny house, or sitting inside your tiny house, one question that you always have to think about is – how are you going to tow your tiny house on wheels? Simple: with a vehicle. But what vehicle? So what are the best vehicles to tow […]

Tiny House Toilets: Composting VS Incinerating

The type of toilet you choose for your tiny house can define the way you use the bathroom for years to come, so this definitely isn’t a decision you should make lightly. For many tiny house homeowners, it comes down to a decision between composting toilets and incinerating toilets. So what’s the difference between a […]

Tiny House Patio Furniture Ideas

Living in under 500 square feet doesn’t have to feel cramped. Follow the footsteps of tiny house owners and use the great outdoors to expand your living space. Even after going tiny, you can still set up a cozy porch for lazy afternoons and busy Sunday dinners.  In this article, we feature the best patio […]

Tiny House Living Brings Many Health Benefits

People can be motivated to downsize for different reasons, the most compelling one being financial stability. But it turns out that going tiny isn’t just great for your pocket - it can also do wonders for your health. So, what are the health benefits of living in a tiny house? More opportunities for physical activity, […]

Tiny House Dog Breeds: Tips and Recommendations

No family is complete without all its members, and for many families this includes the family dog. Maybe you are considering adopting or buying a new dog for your tiny house, or maybe you already have a dog and you want to see how it will fit with your future tiny house. We all know […]

The Best Exterior Siding for Your Tiny House: Lightweight and Durable

The outside of your tiny home is the first thing people will see. It’s an opportunity to “dress up” your tiny house and showcase your home’s unique personality. Choosing the right siding material isn’t as easy as picking the coolest one at the store. Looks aside, your siding will seal your home from moisture damage […]

Can You Adopt in a Tiny House?

Many couples and families part of the tiny house movement and community find themselves wondering if they can grow their own little community through adoption or fostering. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and dad, and for whatever reason you might have – whether you do not want to experience being pregnant […]

How to Build a Tiny House With SIPs

A tiny house on wheels represents many possibilities and freedoms traditional homes don’t. In reality, THOWs aren’t as limitless as some people make them out to be. Tiny homes on wheels are actually subject to strict road limits that make towing and traveling a little more challenging. This is especially true for tiny house owners […]

How to Build a Tiny House Subfloor On a Trailer

Your tiny house subfloor is more than just an underlayer for your flooring. This subfloor protects your home from debris, moisture, and pests when you’re on the road. It’s a barrier separating your home from the outside world and keeps your tiny house safe and secure.  How do you build a tiny house subfloor on […]

5 Tiny House Appliances You Must Power with Propane

Living off-grid in a tiny house is fun, exciting, but also a challenge. You have to figure out how to fulfill your energy needs without the convenience of the electric grid powering your home. While many tiny house homeowners want to use as much reusable energy such as solar power as possible, it just isn’t […]

Tiny House Weight Saving Ideas

The weight of your tiny house might seem like an arbitrary number. Pounds, kilos - these don’t matter as long as the house is built up to code and can withstand four seasons, right? Wrong. Your tiny house weight is one of the most important things to think about, especially if you’re building a THOW. […]

What is the Average Weight of a Tiny House on Wheels?

A common question most people have when they start learning about tiny houses is the average weight of a tiny house on wheels. It’s an important number to know, because the weight of your tiny house will define the type of trailer and axles you will need for your THOW; if the numbers don’t match […]

Best Jack Stands for a Tiny House

Tiny houses on wheels need to be leveled, raised, and held in place every time you park in a new location. Not only does this ensure that your house remains stable and avoids swaying, but it also keeps your springs and tires healthy for the long weeks or months that you keep your house parked. […]

Tiny House Multipurpose Furniture

Tiny houses are all about efficiency. When it comes to furniture shopping, size isn’t the only you should be looking at. Keep an eye out for a furniture’s functionality. If you can buy one thing for two purposes, then you’ve got certified tiny house furniture in your hands.  Where can I buy tiny house furniture? […]

Road Limits for Tiny Houses on Wheels

Living in a tiny house on wheels can be the time of your life. Whether you intend to travel across the country and visit a new place every day or week, or you just want to move your house around a few times every year, tiny house living (on wheels) is all about freedom and […]

Tiny House for Families: Floor Plans and Design Ideas

Tiny house, but big family. A lot of people are now facing this question – they want to try out the tiny house lifestyle, but they don’t know if their family of 3, 4, 5, 6, or more will fit. After all, you and your partner may love your new tiny house, but how can […]

Tiny House Travel Prep: Keep the Inside of Your Tiny Home Safe

Traveling with your tiny house is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Hurtling down the freeway with a 10,000 lbs tiny house requires vigilance, preparation, and constant adaptation to ensure every trip you take is smoother than the last.  As important it is to ensure everything on the outside of the tiny house is safe and secure […]

Insulating Your Tiny House: Types, Costs and Shopping Tips (A Detailed Guide)

There’s a lot of pressure associated with the search for the perfect tiny house insulation. Choose something too heavy and it’s impossible to tow; choose something too thin and you’re left shivering during winter.  With so many options to choose from, it can feel like a never-ending rabbit hole of R-values, costs, and installation instructions.  […]

Are Tiny Houses Safe?

A house built on wheels parked on the side of a mountain may not seem like the safest thing in the world, but you’d be surprised at how sturdy these little structures are.  From fire and earthquake resistant homes to baby-friendly spaces, there are tons of structures out there that prove how tiny homes are […]

How to Wire a Tiny House for Solar Power

So you want to take the ultimate plunge in tiny house living: creating your own electricity. Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran electrician, there’s nothing more exciting than turning on a lightbulb and knowing that your own solar panel system created the energy to power it, with nothing but good ol’ sunlight. But figuring out […]

Best Vented Propane Heaters for Tiny Houses

Heating up a tiny house isn’t the same as heating up a regular house. With most tiny houses being on trailers, you have to find ways to heat up your house that don’t always rely on being hooked up to the grid. And in most cases, the best way to heat up your tiny house […]

Tiny House on Wheels: Interior Dimensions

One of the most important parts of building a tiny house on wheels is planning its interior dimensions. With space at an absolute premium, you need to ensure that every centimeter is put to use, and that no area is looked over. So what are the interior dimensions of a tiny house on wheels? This […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Tiny House on Foundation?

Building a tiny house can be a new and exciting experience, especially when your tiny house is built on wheels. Most tiny house cost estimates and building guides specifically describe tiny houses on trailers, as most people want the freedom and flexibility of a mobile tiny house. But how much would it cost you to […]

How to Keep Your Tiny House Water Pipes From Freezing

Nothing beats the feeling of a hot shower on a cold winter day. Unless you left your pipes to freeze from the cold.  Winterizing your tiny house water pipes are an essential part of seasonal maintenance. It’s a one-time effort that will keep your pipes flowing for an entire season. So, how do you keep […]

Can a Tiny House be Registered as an RV?

Tiny house living is still a relatively new phenomenon, and while it’s exciting to be a part of a new wave of residential living, it can be frustrating trying to find ways to legalize your tiny home on wheels. Thankfully, established rules governing RVs are already in place which can help illuminate your tiny house […]

Can a Tiny House Have a Basement?

Space is the most important commodity when building a tiny house. Every nook and cranny has its purpose, and every bench, table, and chair doubles as something else. And when you’re looking for a huge amount of storage space in your home, where do you usually turn? The basement. So is it possible to build […]

Top 6 Tiny House Refrigerators (+ 3 Nifty Alternatives)

Shopping for tiny home appliances can be tricky, especially when it comes to kitchenware. You’ll be using these appliances on a daily basis, and you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. So, how do you shop for the best refrigerator for tiny house living? We like to consider the most important factors such as […]

What Size Trailer Should I Use for a Tiny House?

So you want to start building your tiny house, and like any house, the first thing you have to think about is the foundation. For tiny houses on wheels, the foundation is the trailer. Getting the right trailer for your needs is essential towards building a tiny house you will love, so the first decisions […]

What Is the Cost of Living In a Tiny House?

There are countless videos and articles extolling the affordability of building a tiny house, with some people building an entire tiny house on wheels with just a few thousand dollars. But we don’t often hear about how much you can save while you’re living in the tiny house itself: the daily repairs, the weekly grocery […]

How Long Does a Tiny House Last?

Don’t let the size fool you: tiny homes often pack a lot of punch in a small package. Even in such confined spaces, a homeowner (or household) has all creature comforts, and then some more.  Compared to regular-sized homes, tiny houses can feel like they’re one strong wind away from getting knocked over. This begs […]